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Why are the terms and conditions too long to read ?

Asked by patrickx (34points) August 6th, 2008 from iPhone

On every site

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they have to make sure that they cover their butts from anything you might do with the website.

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Fluther’s Terms & Conditions are only 205 words long.

We got it good here.

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lawyers. wrote them.

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So you won’t read them. It’s basically a CYA tactic.

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To get bored a just hit “I accept” Some friends an I made an experiment, sending terms and coditions of use of a service we were supposed to offer in an online service, terms included but were not limited to:
wash our car every weekend with a list of products that we were not going to provide
their souls
half of their paychecks
a paragraph of cinderella
and lots of nonsense stuff
Nobody noticed, so the experiment proved that people does not have time to read boring stuff…

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