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What do you think is the significance, if any, of the worn and tattered leather on the back of the chair Trump is sitting in for his cover picture of Time, as "Man of the Year"?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42443points) December 7th, 2016


The very top of the back of the chair looks worn and torn as though it’s been rubbing frequently on something, and hasn’t been tended to or cared for.

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True comfort is priority one.

Your flawless looking IKEA crap as no wrinkles in the seating surface, but you cannot sit in it comfortably and in stillness for hours on end.

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Maybe it’s his favorite chair, well worn and well used.

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It makes the picture more interesting. I took art classes all through college. Still lifes of regular, perfect things are boring.

In this picture it seems to almost emphasize the back of the chair. Perhaps it’s intended to make Trump look experienced. A well worn chair he can say he did lots of “work ” in…

Or ,maybe it was the beat chair they had at the photo shoot….

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What sensible conclusions can possibly be drawn about Trump from the condition of that chair? The only safe bet is that the chair is worn. There is no way to determine who owns the chair, who decided to pose Trump in the chair, or any other such detail. For all we know, the Donald may have never seen nor sat in the thing prior to the photo. Both the chair & Trump’s pose in it might well have been selected by the photographer in some studio.

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The chair might be an antique as well.

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Are many of the myriad interpretations of the Time cover.
Why is there so much blue in the picture?

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Maybe, as the first of @josie‘s linked articles suggests, the chair represents Time’s attitude toward Trump. I love the idea that placing the M on his head is meant to suggest devil horns.

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Trump was flattered by Time picking him for person of the year. I truly wonder what his reaction will be when it sinks in that TIME really did a number on him with their subversive mockery both in the story and this cover picture.

@josie‘s other two links

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@josie That was great! Thank you! You too @Cruiser!

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The color blue engenders trust.

Banks love it for this reason, you won’t be able to unsee.

When I appear before a judge or would be client or employer I wear a blue tie, unless I know the person is going to be a woman. Then the smart money is on red.

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You know who else was depicted sitting in an old antique chair on the cover of Time Magazine?
Notice also that Drumpf’s chair is angled in a way that he would sit back to back with Hitler, if you put them in a room together.
They are also both looking sideways, and casting an ominous shadow on the wall.

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@SecondHandStoke In the second link I posted above the article writes this about the blue color in the portrait…apparently the photographers hallmark is using blue backgrounds.

“The cover was captured by celebrity photographer Nadav Kander and when seen alone the Trump cover reads as a standard Kander portrait: classic, serious, and draped in blue.”

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^So. The outline being in red doesn’t offset the blue?

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I think it means “old money”.

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^^^ GA. Leave it to Trump to trumpet his money about, even as the president of the US

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