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Can you help me brainstorm? - I have some ideas for new games. Call them Trump Lottery.

Asked by elbanditoroso (30003points) December 16th, 2016

We now have almost all of the Trump cabinet identified, and a bunch if the high level agency heads that have to be confirmed before they can take the job. Let’s say there are a total of 20 people. (there are more, but for now, let’s say 20).

I have a couple of ideas for games of chance:

1) A betting game – which of the 20 won’t be confirmed? You can put your money on any or all of them. If your nominee isn’t confirmed, you win the pot. If your nominee is confirmed, you lose everything.

2) Which cabinet member will be indicted first? Could be for anything: conflict of interest, sexual abuse, graft… if the person you bet on is indicted, then you win the pot.

3) Which cabinet member resigns first? (because they learned that governing is a real job). Again, you bet on the person you think will bail first.

I think that games like this will make the next four years much more palatable. What do you think?

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1 – Suckers bet. All will be confirmed
2 – None
3 – None
The real fun is going to be watching weeny libs wring their hands and whine about Trumps administration.

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Th real questions are:
1. Which cities will the concentration camps be located?
2. What percentage of the colonial muslim population will be murdered?
3. How long will the neo nazis that voted for Orange Hitler, currently counting 62,958,481, stay in denial?

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How about Trump snakes and ladders? Every week you throw a dice and advance across the board towards the penthouse at the top of Trump Towers. Every time Trump says or does something stupid you slide back down towards the dungeons where you will await impeachment. If on the other hand he says or does something useful or helpful to his country you advance accordingly. The game will finish after four nerve racking years.

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How about Whack a Trump? I think pounding little Trump heads with a mallet as they pop up from their burrows would be quite amusing.

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I love the idea of Whack a Trump that is a game I would play.

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Games of chance? Why not a freaking puppet show? With Putin as the MC?

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By the way @Cruiser I truly hope optimism for Trump really does come true but I have real doubts, but I do hope your right.

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@SQUEEKY2 I had my doubts and still have some reservations about the man. I do believe he will get things done but much of the time it won’t be shiny pretty results that please everyone. I will be watching him like a hawk and holding him accountable every day here on out.

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~ ~ ~Will CSX and Amtrak be the delivery system to the Gas Chambers ?

~ ~ ~ Will be be at war with China or North Korea OR both ?

~ ~ ~ Will “The Don” be 500 million dollars richer by the end of four years ? (Maybe more because of conflict of interest)

~ ~ ~ Will the conservatives all be saying after the atrocities happen, the didn’t think there was anything wrong with interment camps and marshal law?

~ ~ ~ Will “The Don’s” cabinet all agree to sending classified information to Putin?

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I have no doubts his presidency will be full of scandal – just look at all the controversy he has caused without even being in office yet – but I don’t care to speculate on the specifics. We will miss the dignity and grace that the Obama’s brought to the White House.

@Cruiser I’m glad you’re having a good time watching us fear for our health insurance, citizenship, bodily autonomy, and rights to marry who we love. ~

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Maybe @Cruiser should move to North Carolina, the GOP just ended just about any AND all things the Democrat Governor Roy Cooper, can do. All appointments for positions in he executive office went from 1500 to 30.
This is all new; the state has become a de facto single party state. The chant from the GOP is the voters want their congress to do this.
I’m waiting for poll taxes to come back and you must be a “landed gentleman” to vote; no women or people of color.
There will still be Democratic party but the GOP will run congress and the state.

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@Mariah Apparently you assume my support of Trump puts me squarely in the camp of alt right asshats. At this point in time I am confident Mr Trump will not take steps backwards on the LGBTQ issues you cited. As far as health care and citizenship I agree there is room for improvement and again I do not believe it will entail the Draconian measures that CNN and the Washington Post continually spins.

@Tropical_Willie These same change of rule will apply to a Republican Governor as well if and when…(if ever) not be foolish enough to miss this nuance. This is what I love about our Constitution that allows States to make their own rules they feel is best for their peoples.

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@Cruiser there may never be another Democratic Governor, the State board of Election that has oversight of all voting in the state will be run by GOP during election years for the foreseeable future (forever ?).
There will be only one party in government in NC and the GOP will change the laws if that doesn’t work. Draconian measures are happening and the state figures with the new Supreme Court appointments by “The Don”, they have a clear shot at making it “their” Government, if challenged.
They shutdown all cameras (usually active during legislative sessions), emptied the public gallery and arrested reporters and bystanders; just have no public awareness of what was happening.

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@Tropical_Willie 5 years ago…maybe 25 years ago when I first visited NC I had the vision to retire there. I really could care less whether a Dem or Rep was Governor but I will have a very vested interest in their transparency. I cannot discount your concerns as they echo my own. Let’s hope for an equitable and sensible outcome.

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I don’t assume anything of that nature, just thought it was a bit cold to say you were enjoying watching our fear, that’s all.

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@Mariah I thought your tilda meant you were being funny or sarcastic but your last comment speaks otherwise. Please share with me how in this thread I was so threatening to you???

”@Cruiser I’m glad you’re having a good time watching us fear for our health insurance, citizenship, bodily autonomy, and rights to marry who we love. ~”

” just thought it was a bit cold of you to say you were enjoying watching us freak out,”

From the bottom of my heart you could not be more wrong….

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You literally said you were having fun watching liberals “whine.” I’m just annoyed you’re referring to justified fear as whining and that our suffering is fun for you.

There tilde was to indicate sarcasm because I am of course not actually “glad.”

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@Mariah As of today….or tomorrow…what exactly are you so fearful of? I suggest you expand your news horizons beyond the Washing Post and you may actually begin to get a dose of reality. Yes…Trump is a blowhard but in reality he has so little power to do much of anything on his own. He has to have Congress on his side to do anything and please be mindful the Republicans fought harder to defeat him than the Dems did. Holy fuck still he WON!! Plus our country is in the shitter right now and there is nowhere but up to go…even a Trump can’t fuck that up!

Trump has assembled an A team cabinet that has the potential to kick some serious ass. I urge you and all other fearful libs to watch what he does not what he says. He and I are not the alt right demagogue the Washington Post and Podesta wants you to believe we are….seriously!

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Yes, he has to get through Congress, a Republican Congress that is itching to repeal ACA and will cooperate with him heartily. I have to leave the country of they do. That is why I am afraid. This is not hysteria, it is a very real possibility. Please do not assume I am not well informed; I read about healthcare law every day from plenty of sources due to its extreme impact on my life and future.

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@Mariah No offense intended…if you are as informed as you say you are about healthcare then IMHO you would not have anything to worry about. I could be wrong but the Trump/Republican approach is all about reforming the ACA not bulldozing it. Yes he campaigned to completely repeal the ACA but cooler heads will prevail…they have to and will because they have constituents like you yourself to honor. I have a pre-cancerous condition that will demand a solid insurance footing going forward…I would be at the front of the protest line if I felt Trump did not have a better and fairer program than the ACA program that was shoved down our throats.

I take this issue just as seriously as you and my bad for assuming you have not done your homework on this issue….just don’t make the same mistake I did.

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The problem is that although he has said he likes certain clauses, he still intends to do away with the mandate, and the clauses he claims he’ll keep cannot function without the mandate. This indicates he doesn’t even understand the legislation he intends to mangle. Also he has been utterly silent about lifetime caps, which are the biggest threat to me, so goddamn anything could happen with those. I am at his mercy and I do not trust him one bit. It is a vulnerable and terrifying position.

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@Mariah I want to ask you how comfortable you were with Pilosi shrieking….“just sign the damn bill so we can pass it…we can read it later”? I myself don’t want to ever go down that path again. What Trump said during the campaign I can guarantee will be vastly different than what legislation he signs his name on. I do not expect Priebus to be urging Congress to pass something they had not yet read. You and I will be well taken care of….that I have confidence in. If it is cheaper in the end, than bonus for us both!

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I simply do not have the same faith in these people that you seem to have. To me, the situation is that my life and health are in the hands of someone who doesn’t give two fucks about people like me. Clearly you cannot understand what I’m feeling so I will stop trying to convince you. I just wish someone would acknowledge the validity of my fears. I am not being dramatic. This is my life at stake.

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@Mariah I just revealed I have a pre-existing pre-cancerous condition. No it is not anywhere close to what you have been going through but what I have, in the past, would have created serious roadblocks to full or even partial health care coverage or any coverage at all for that matter. We are essentially rowing in the same life boat. I have done my homework and what I have learned is far different than the CNN Washington Post hairy scarey narrative they are positing that so many are gobbling up and having nightmares because of. I am not panicking about health care…just the opposite…I am reasonably confident we will soon have more sensible options for the consumer AND the Doctors who since the ACA inception have been royally screwed.

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But the lifetime caps. I am 24 and have lifetime expenses totalling $700,000. The caps used to be at $1 million before they were outlawed by the ACA. We have received zero word on whether they’re coming back. It would only take about one more hospitalization to push me over the cliff. I have not gone more than 3 years without a hospitalization since my diagnosis. I trust you can do the math. We are not in the same boat. If everything else that was wrong with healthcare before the ACA came back I could survive. I have a well paying job and stable private insurance. It’s the caps that fuck me. And we know nothing whatsoever about what will happen with them.

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@Mariah Why then would you go to bat for the ACA as it stands??? That does not make any sense to me. The door is now wide open to change and this is the time to stand up bitch till you can’t bitch anymore to your Congressmen/women about your concerns. Yes, Trump will sign the legislation that our senators and congressmen agree upon what is the best solution to our healthcare needs.

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What? Because the ACA is the only thing protecting me from the caps and, in the case of a lapse in my insurance, discrimination against my preexisting condition.

The Republican Congress we just elected doesn’t give a damn about expensive people like me. If we all died or had to emigrate that’d be more money in their pockets and in your pocket. Trump has given me no reason to believe he cares about anything but what’s in his own pocket. Maybe his fellow rich white men’s pockets. Certainly not my health or welfare.

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The entire economic platform of the Republican party is lower taxes at the expense of people like me who rely on tax-funded socialized services like universal healthcare. I’m honestly shocked that you think they give a shit about you or me and won’t be happy to fuck us “for the good of the economy.”

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I am sorry I detailed the thread and that I am an obnoxious broken record. My life is currently filled with uncertainty and fear and I’m having a hard time shutting up about it or putting it out of my mind. I’m sorry.

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@Mariah Relax…you are part of the system the ACA in it’s most noblest of intentions was written and what I am fairly confident Trump will leave be. The broken part of the ACA are the people who linger on the sidelines until they get a serious health condition and then demand health coverage through the ACA…That is only one scenario that is seriously messed up about the ACA. I am 56 yrs old…imagine if you will I skated the last 30 plus years only paying the miniscule fine the ACA requires and I get one of the 2 cancers that took my parents….I could then dial up the state exchange and say Obama says you have fully to insure me now to fight these cancers I now have….how is that right? Repealing and reforming the ACA is really the only choice we have. Stop panicking over what you read at the Washington Post!!!!

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That is EXACTLY the kind of behavior that Trump is about to allow by removing the mandate while keeping the preexisting conditions clause intact. He’s literally about to make that exact scenario you just described dozens of times worse. And yes, that scenario is an argument for making the system more socialized but Trump clearly wants to move it in the opposite direction from that because ~socialism is evil~

Stop telling me to relax. This is my life at stake. I am entitled to feel the feelings I’m feeling. They are not unreasonable.

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Trump has not even taken office yet and the Democrats are lining up to oppose anything and everything he may or may not do. We have gone through 8 years of Obama’s ‘my way or the hiway’ style of governing. Republicans offered multiple suggestions such as interstate competition, health savings accounts, and caps on malpractice lawsuits. All were categorically dismissed by Obama and the Democrats actually locked the doors during the final stages of Obamacare to insure Republicans had no input. It is time to stop the insanity and start cooperating. If you believe that Democrats represent your interests you should be encouraging them to get involved with crafting the legislation instead of screaming and yelling about how horrible everything is going to be.

Questions such as this and the comments that followed merely heighten our fears and widen the divide and set us all up to choose sides. I would think that the past 8 years would have taught us something but apparently not. This us vs them mentality that the Democrats are pushing will only hurt us. Continue to push it at your own peril.

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Why does everyone assume the worst about me? That I’m uninformed, that I’m ONLY “screaming and yelling” (read: expressing my reasonable fear). I wrote to my senators, to my governor, and to my House representative. I wrote letters to editors. I am using every avenue available to me to protest, bitching on the internet is but one of them.

Republicans did their best to block and hold Obama back at every turn, now you complain that the Republican administration is going to get a taste of their own medicine, hilarious.

I would love to close the gap between the parties but I will not be able to get along with Republicans until they stop trying to literally kill me with their policies.

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Not a single policy has been written and by your own statement not a word said about your issue. Yet you feel justified in saying that he is literally trying to kill you. Trump is a deal maker and will negotiate with anyone sitting across the table. If the Democrats want to try and negotiate through name-calling and intimidation, I doubt it will work. Trump has already softened his stance on Obamacare and is likely to soften even more whether the Dems want a seat at the table or not. It would be in all of our best interests if they do. If you want a seat at the table, you don’t start with hate and vitriol.

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Luckily I am a private citizen and not a Democratic politician, so I’m allowed to be as angry about this injustice as I want :)

Trump’s original stance was “tear it all down.” Yeah he’s softening and he might soften further, but he has to soften A LOT to get to a point where he is not killing me, and I am not optimistic about it. Forgive me for not being willing to simply “wait and see” whether he chooses to kill me or not, and instead begin speaking out NOW while there’s still time to save my life.

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‘my way or the hiway’ was from Newt Gingrich as Speaker of House when dealing with Bill Clinton, he just shut the Government down when he and the Republicans didn’t get their way.

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@Tropical_Willie There is actually a whole other side to the Newt “my way or the highway” narrative that the us vs them crowd would like to keep under wraps. An author with access to the behind the scenes during that era has written a book that has this to say about Clintons Gingrich’s relationship….

“A fascinating look at politics American-style, The Pact offers a riveting account of two of America’s most charismatic and influential leaders, detailing both their differences and their striking similarities, and highlighting the profound and lasting impact the tumultuous 1960s had on both their personal and political lives. With the cooperation of both President Clinton and Speaker Gingrich, interviews with key players who have never before spoken about their experiences, along with unprecedented access to Gingrich’s private papers, Gillon not only offers a behind-the-scenes look at the budget impasse and the government shutdown in 1995 – the famous face-off between Clinton and Gingrich – but he also reveals how the two moved closer together after 1996—closer than anyone knew. In particular, the book illuminates their secret efforts to abandon the liberal and conservative wings of their own parties and strike a bi-partisan deal to reform the “third rail of American politics”—Social Security and Medicare. That potentially groundbreaking effort was swept away by the highly charged reaction to the Lewinsky affair, ending an initiative that might have transformed millions of American lives.”

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