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Is Trump's speech today going to be the most important of his presidency?

Asked by LostInParadise (31984points) June 11th, 2020

Trump is scheduled to give a speech today in Texas to discuss the issue of police brutality and racism. It will be interesting to see what he has to say. He has called the protesters anarchists and has not said anything to indicate that there is a problem with police departments. In the meantime, both Democrats and Republicans are crafting proposals to reform law enforcement.

Trump has to address the problem, and to have a shot at being re-elected he needs to hold on to his conservative base while not alienating his support among independents. At the very least, he has to pledge to work with Congress on the problem. Trump’s polling numbers have been declining lately. This could be a make or break moment.

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Everytime he was handed the chance to prove that he can show leadership, he has chosen to do the opposite.
My expectations are near zero.

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He is likely going start the speech being controlled and rational. About ten minutes in, he will go full-off crazy and off-script, and it will end up being a debacle.

If he is going to have any credibility at all, he needs to show empathy and leadership. He needs to speak calmly and to the point. I don’t think that he has the skills to do that.

The other question: Is this going to be a hatred speech (written by Stephen Miller) or is this going to be a ‘come together’ speech? If it’s written by Miller, prepare for fireworks, because it will say all the wrong things.

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He is going to have to talk something new, lastest Gallup Poll shows him at 39% approval rating. That not going to get him re-elected or any GOP candidates (reverse coat tails).

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If he includes the phrase One People – Be afraid – Be Very Afraid.

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The speechwriter, Stephen Miller is a White Nationalist . Probably will hold a hard line agaiinst the defunding of police and about the GREAT JOB Trump is doing. And the extra great job he is doing during the protests and riots holding the country together. SMH

I agree with @elbanditoroso ^^^ – - – “Be afraid – Be Very Afraid”

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He’ll fuck it up as usuall. He’ll become totally confused and incoherent and his base will cheer wildly, as usual.

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It could be the most important for his deplorable, malignant, tragic, corrupt and deadly TV show presidency, but nothing could be more useless and an utter waste of time for any sane, decent and conscientious American to listen to. One should rather read a good book or drop by to say hello to a neighbor. Talk of pleasant things.

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