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Can anyone recommend a good site to help me build a website for a small business?

Asked by tb1570 (3113points) February 9th, 2009

The company I work for here in China is expanding and they want me to help build their english-language website. I have absolutely no experience in website design, so I was wondering if anyone could pass along any suggestions/words of wisom. Thanks!

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I’m a freelance web designer, but I’m just one person. What kind of services do you require?

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Here are my words of wisdom. If you have zero experience or knowledge in web design, do NOT build a company’s English-language website. Your lack of experience will show big time when the website is complete. Instead, use your knowledge to translate or proofread/edit the Chinese webpage’s content, and hire a freelancer (preferably in an English-speaking market) to design the website. This will result in a website that is excellently designed and without the one problem that many Chinese to English websites have: bad quality translations (or Engrish as it’s jokingly called).

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there are lots of website builder out there now if all you want is a selection of modules and standard templates to enter your text into… (besides BraveNet Site Builder or Google Sites) just do a Google Search for “build webpage”. But it won’t “match” the company’s website! And do not depend on automatic translations as DynamicDuo pointed out!!!

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Agree with dynamicduo. If you use a build-it-yourself tool it will result in a site that looks like someone with no experience built it themselves. Get a professional in. You can do a lot of work to reduce costs by preparing all the translated content in advance and by getting the developer to use an open source CMS so you can update the pages yourself in future.

As xxxciter mentioned you could try using Google sites, bravenet or your web host/ISP may have some free site building tools you could use. If you need an english speaking developer to work on the site then send me a message, if I am not free I can usually recommend someone.

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