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Does anyone know the meaning of Privy Counsel in the title of the Book "The Clouds of Unknowing"?

Asked by arzikass (96points) 2 months ago

There is a book on christian mysticism by an unknown author for the 14th century. In the title we read: “The Could of Unknowing and The Book of Privy Counsel”. I could not find out the meaning of the latter. As far as I know Privy Council is rather a political-religious organization and it does not have anything to do with mysticism!
Thanks in advance

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Please check the spelling- is it Counsel or Council?

A “Privy Council” is a private advisory group, usually to a monarch. A Privy Counsel would be a private adviser to oneself.

Sounds like the context is that the book is meant as a private adviser or guide to an individual.

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Yes it is private counsel.
Thanks a lot.

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