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Have you played any board / family games over the holidays?

Asked by Stinley (11525points) December 25th, 2016 from iPhone

We’ve played quite a few. Charades at least twice plus twice playing Heads Up app (it’s very good fun and interactive). We played Articulate where you have to describe the thing and Pictionary where you have to draw the thing. We played Yahtzee which is a dice game. I love playing games. Have you had any fun times playing games?

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Apples to Apples is a regular game during the Holidays! Total fun!

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Only Strip Poker.

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^^^^@ragingloli so when you lose your clothes, everyone else suffers?

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Not yet… but a week from today there will be some major game playing at A’s New Years Day party. I’ve seen that group play Gin Rummy for 6 or more hours, through many many many cocktails and bottles of wine. This will be my first time not being the event photographer. I anticipate major befuddlement after a couple of hours of drinking and playing.

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Played Scrabble cutthroat and team wise.

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We bought a new expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity for Christmas. We’re going to play it tomorrow.

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We played a new cooperative strategy game called Castle Panic. It was good fun.

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We are playing that Pie Face game, great larks but I may replace the foam with something more, err…sinister perhaps.

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I played a few rounds of “Horse” with a guy in a bar while I was waiting for my first mate to get back from a hardware store so we could GTFO of dodge..

It’s played with five dice in a leather cup. You shake up the dice and slam them on the bar. Scores are basically the same as poker; ones are aces, two of a kind, three of a kind… up to five of a kind. Money changes hands. It’s boring and I hate bars, especially during the Holidays. Talk about depressing. But that’s all there was open. I would have waited on the dock, but it was raining like hell outside and I wanted a sandwich.

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No and never even entered my mind to do such a thing. Sounds like fun, though. @Stinley, once again you have the funniest, cutest name on Fluther. lol ! Is it your real name? Mine is a fake name, personally.

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@Hypocrisy_Central what’s that? I do like Scrabble.

@Espiritus_Corvus that sounds a bit like Yahtzee. I also like liar dice. Maybe I’ll teach you it one day :-)

@Aster you should try it! Games are fun! My name is a nickname that my husband gave me. I like Aster very much.its a flower isn’t it?.

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^ [...what’s that? I do like Scrabble.
You mean team Scrabble?

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@Stinley That would be very nice. I think I’d like Horse or Yahtzee if it was played in an environment that didn’t smell like an ashtray where everybody didn’t look like they were going to commit suicide any minute.

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@hc. I’ve only played Scrabble normal rules. What are the rules for the version(s) you mentioned

@ec. Sail that boat over the Atlantic ! Smoking in banned in pubs here :-)

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^ What are the rules for the version(s) you mentioned
You can play it two way or three way with two to three people on a team. Your team gets twelve tiles instead of seven. Each round a different player plays a word, such as a team of Alex, Mike and Molly whoever goes first, say Mike, he formulates a word and decides where he will play it, no coaching from his team. The other team plays, next round Molly plays, then the next round of theirs after her, Alex plays then it rotates back to Mike. All other rules, bingos, bonus squares, challenges etc. are the same.

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@Stinley yes; Aster is a flower. I have no idea where I got the moniker , I’ve never seen an aster and I don’t like the sound of it. lol

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^^Asters are a very pretty flower. They can get to the circumfrance of a softball. People sometimes mistake them for Zinnias. Where I come from Asters are usually orange. But they also come in blues and many other colors They are an Autumn flower. And they like acidic soil. The word means star. It’s not a bad name. They could have named you Crud McMuffin.

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