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Supplements for diabetics?

Asked by charleynoble (10points) December 25th, 2016

list of supplements for type 2 diabetes

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I find fenugreek helps a bit.

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Increased exercise has helped reduce A1C, also Aloe and biotin.

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@filmfann how much of it do you take, how often and before or after meals? Sorry for the barrage of questions but I am interested.

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Personaly I wouldn’t worry about supplements, I would very definitely be concentrating on weight loss. There is very good evidence that steady but substantial weight loss can reverse type 2 diabetes.

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Are you suffering from Juvenile Diabetes (IDDM-I) or late-onset adult Diabetes (IDDM-II)?
How tall are you?
What is your weight?
How old are you?
How long ago were you first diagnosed with diabetes?
How advanced is your diabetes?
What medications are you taking for diabetes?
How long have you been taking each medication?
If you stopped taking diabetic medication, when and why?
Are you presently observing a diabetic diet?
If not, what is your average weekly caloric intake and how much of that is from carbohydrates?
Do you observe an exercise regime, and if so, how often and how rigorous is it?
Or are you living a sedentary lifestyle?
Do you have cardiac disease as well?
Do you suffer from any other diagnses?

No intelligent nor helpful answer can be given here without you first answering the questions above.

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Regarding Fenugreek: I take a 610 mg capsule before breakfast and dinner.
My blood sugar numbers were in the 130 range, and I found it easier to control when I started taking it.
Also, cut all sodas from your diet. Even diets and Zero.

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I agree with the @Rarebear and @Espiritus_Corvus . No magic over the counter solutions. No way of helping you with the small amount of info you’ve shared.

If you have type 2 diabetes and are over weight, the main thing you absolutely must do is listen to your endocrinologist and follow a diet and weightloss program. No short cuts.

Best info available on Fenugreek. Please read (synopsis, there is only weak evidence it helps but there is more evidence of serious side effects )

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Yup. The best “supplement” for diabetes is diet, exercise, and weight loss.

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