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How many people are using iPhone keyboard to type?

Asked by davoice (53points) July 23rd, 2007 from iPhone
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Well, if we want to type, what else would we use? Please clarify.

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Everyone that owns an iPhone.

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I'd assume davoice is asking about typing large amounts of text. Like a full report ?

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I am it goes quickly after you do it for a while

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How many times is this question going to come up?

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To my knowledge, this is the first time this particular question has come up on fluther. The only big repeat iPhone question that I've seen is about ringtones

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sorry for such for my my last question
I thinking that their were easier way to input ie smart phone or pcs.

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I type faster on my iPhone than I did on my Blackberry 8700g. The secret is learning to trust the text prediction...but it works really well. I just fly along typing and proofread when I'm finished. Make a correction or two and done. That's much faster than meticulously typing each letter.

The landscape keyboard (available only in the Safari web browser) is even easier. Hopefully Apple will make the landscape keyboard available in other apps (esp. Mail and SMS).

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I agree. After a very short time a am able go type pretty quickly, even with one hand. The predictive text is good at guessing what you're going to say and what yourre trying to say.

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once u get use to it the easier it is.

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It’s taken me a little bit, but after a couple of months, I feel like a pro. Get some practice, stick to the vertical/portrait mode as much as you can (horizontal/landscape mode is almost like cheating, and not all apps allow it), and rely only slightly on the auto-correct.

I like it better than my iPAQ’s built-on physical keyboard.

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