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Can you recommend a reliable small car with excellent fuel economy?

Asked by 2davidc8 (7939points) January 7th, 2017

I’m looking for a reliable small car, mostly for tooling around town, you know, for running errands like grocery shopping, medical appointments, visiting friends, etc. Maybe short trips up to 300 miles. Must have excellent fuel economy.

I’m looking for a 2013–2015 model used car. Something like the Honda Fit. Any others come to mind?

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I did a little research to confirm what I already think about Honda products and they do consistently rank at the top for reliability and safety. That said I am also a fan of Subaru and Toyota products as well. When Ford couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my Explorer I got a Subaru Impreza as a loaner and it was an absolute blast. Took my kids on a joy ride and the most fun was being able to make a U turn in our driveway! All that said your Fit should be a good choice at least IMO.

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Take your pick at any pint sized 4 banger. Whatever you can find the best deal on. Toyotas and hondas have good resale. I have been driving Nissans for 20 trouble free years. I’d get a used civic, sentra, corolla or something like it.
Do google “common problems” for whatever car you are seriously considering.

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I’ve always loved Honda’s. I’ve had 3 Civics – each one ended up with 14 year lifespans (2 new/1 used – 35 years total with me). Now I have a Fit. The mileage is so good that I initially thought the gas gauge was broken – the thing is a sipper, not a gas guzzler. To make it better – the Magic Seat really is magic.

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The 2013 Ford CMax Hybrid got very good ratings. I love mine.

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The Nissan Leaf seems to have really excellent mileage.

@marinelife I rented a CMax and thought it was pretty nice and interesting, though I wasn’t sure how great the mileage actually was, as I was driving most of the day – what does your overall mileage seem to be like?

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@Zaku My neighbor has a Leaf, but I don’t like that it has only a 65-mile range on a single charge.
@ARE_you_kidding_me Thanks for the suggestion to Google ‘common problems’. I’ll definitely do that!

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My sister just bought a Honda Fit and loves it.

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We get 37.5 around town but more that 40 (a fair bit more) on the highway), but since it’s a hybrid, we are filling our tank on lt every 2–3 weeks.

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