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Has hot yoga screwed up my body temperature?

Asked by XiaoMandyX (165points) January 9th, 2017

Over the past few months I’ve gotten really into hot yoga and I love it! I also started using the sauna after my workouts. I think I’m addicted lol.

But the problem is, now that it’s winter, I can’t seem to ever get warm! I’m permanently cold! I dress like a homeless person at work, I wear thermals tops and bottoms 24/7, huge goose down parka, nothing works.

Can you help?

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It hasn’t messed up your body temperature as much as it has affected your ability to adapt to cold.

it’s like when people who live in Hawaii or Florida visit a cold place, they just can’t seem to get warm. Last month I went to Chicago for a long weekend, and the temps were down around 10. I shivered for two days before I finally got acclimated to it and could feel comfortable.

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If you are working out my guess is you have less body fat that would help insulate your body. Avoid wearing anything cotten, dress in layers. Wear nylons, thermal tops. Eat heating foods, spicy foods and drink warm lemon water as lemon is heating.

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@XiaoMandyX: Maybe you have a slow thyroid. One of the symptoms of a slow (underactive) thyroid is intolerance to cold. A doctor would do a blood test to test your TSH.

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See a doctor if it’s really bad. Mammals are good at adjustment to cold. It’s part of our brain.

Our senses adapt to our relative environment. This could be it but your discomfort sounds rather more extreme. I’d visit a doctor and explain.
Wool is your friend. I remember you live in NY now and it is cold. Keep an eye under what temperature and conditions you start to feel chilled. The doctor is going to want quantitative data for comparison. The temp at your desk at work for example.

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