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Why do I keep having this same dream?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) January 15th, 2017

Five nights this past week I’ve dreamt that I’m stuck in a big game park/industrial park. A combination of jungle, wild animals and dirty abandoned factories.

In my dream I struggle to hide from gorillas, lions and elephants that want to hurt me. I climb buildings and vines searching for an escape.

I’ll wake up before I need to and be afraid to fall back asleep because a huge gorilla was chasing me and I don’t want to return to the same spot. It’s terrifying. I’ll fall back asleep and there’s that damn gorilla.

What’s going on? I’m not playing any video games at the moment but I have been binge watching Supernatural.

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How’s your conscience on how industrial activity is threatening extinction to animals such as gorillas, lions and elephants?

What happens if you meditate on it? (i.e. sit quietly, dismiss thoughts that come up and try to listen to your body and what you can feel from it)

Generally recurring dreams are something trying to get your attention.

If this were my dream, I’d be thinking I should take some sort of action on behalf of wild animal survival and/or against over-industrialization and wild habitat loss.

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This comes under the general heading of being chased in a dream Evidently, it is quite common. See if anything in this article rings a bell.:

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This sort of dream happens to me when I feel no control and there is what feels like an assault on me being. It happens to me mostly when I’m having health problems and doctors are being dismissive, or I’m going through medical procedures that aren’t helping, and I regret doing them. Once in a while it happens from psychological stress caused from me going along with big life decisions that don’t sit right with me; that I question seriously the direction my life is going.

It finally goes away when I get past the high anxiety time and move into an acceptance phase. When I have reoccurring nightmares for several weeks, that’s when I sometimes decide to go to therapy, and it usually helps significantly.

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You feel trapped in your current life situation and you also feel that life/fate/doom is closing in on you. It could be the result of a situation at your work or in a relationship

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Until you figure out what is making you feel your life is out of your control, you will probably keep having the dream. The more anxiety you have in having the dream the more likely it will return as well. You are probably going to bed expecting to dream it again and so you do.
Try thinking of good stuff you want to dream about before going to bed. Maybe a place you vacationed that has a lot of good memories for you.
I often find if I think about how my dream may apply to my feelings or a certain situation, that, just figuring it out helps me not have the dream again.
If I have a couple of bad nightmares in a row I try to remember that it’s just my subconscious trying to work out my emotions to events in my life. Sometimes too, it just is related to a stupid movie I may have fell asleep too.
Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep watching TV. The majority of any of my nightmares had to do with tv.

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