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Did you see the clip on The View at West High School about Trump?

Asked by JLeslie (59395points) January 17th, 2017 from iPhone

Several kids talking, some supported Trump and some supported Hillary. Here is the clip.

What do you think? Which kids are acting more hateful?

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I did now and I could not be more appalled by the choreography of this vignette. Seriously? The entire segment was a staged joke and please do not ask or expect me to explain the more than obvious set up of this pathetic whatever. Of couse the kids are acting….look at their clothes, their staging, the hosts, the questions…their reactions and scripted answers. Geeze Louise please stop chasing shiny objects like this BS…you will sleep better at night if you do!

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@Cruiser I couldn’t find the entire vignette. I’m shocked by your answer. This shows how hateful and the lack of empathy the Hillary supporters have. The people interviewing the kids are very liberal and terrified of Trump. The last thing they would do is try to set up making Trump supporters look good, but they do here. The Hillary supporters wouldn’t even listen to their schoolmates who voted for Trump, and they put every negative association they have with Trump in his supporters like they are clones.

It’s not scripted, but it is hand picked. They spoke to a lot of kids, the entire clip shows them interviewing these kids individually, and then they put them all in one room.

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@JLeslie Thanks for explaining the set up as what I saw in the clip was that the interviewers seemed to already know what each kid was going to say before they said and even made mention that they already knew there feeling on what was being discussed. Their conclusion at the end where the lady says “you are all saying the same thing” but they fail to provide the reason as to who is behind why there is this mutual hatred and fear among all these kids.

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^^It’s the election. The media and the adults around them are behind all that crap in my opinion. I really blame the adults for saying that people are racist, deplorable, and implying people are completely one dimensional.

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@JLeslie You are preaching to the choir as I have been griping about selective and orchestrated coverage since Trump first came down the escalator. Again a big part of this racial problem/divide is it has been there all along and many events throughout the last 8 years has only added fuel to the racial fire here in America. Trump pried the lid off of all the racial sacred cows and on top of that denigrated and insulted every racial demographic we have. But it was the media that IMHO is to blame for the magnitude of the racial fire storm as they blew each of these events into epic proportions and often out of context mixed with flat out lies. That still didn’t stop Trump and the media is sore about failing to stop him and will be for as long as he is President. The View, CNN, MSNBC etc are all fit to be tied that they did not get their Clinton inauguration party. Problem is they fail to recognize that despite their best efforts they were unable to stop Trump getting elected and they are still delusional thinking they can derail and delegitimize his election. They will learn the hard way just how out of touch they are when Trump shuts the door to access to his press meetings and interviews and forced to sit back and watch FOX have all the fun.

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@Cruiser Well, a few on The View are really annoyed with how the Democrats are acting post election. They had Jennifer Holliday on, she was supposed to sing at the inauguration and had to drop out, because of how horrible people were to her, including death threats. I heard the same thing happened with Bocelli, but I don’t know if it’s true.

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@I don’t watch the view and only see the dust ups on the View that make the news. From what I read Bocelli faced a similar push back. He is world famous and enjoys massive crowds and the opera community is hugely Liberal and his singing for Trumo most likely would have a very negative impact on where he could perform.

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I think democrats are behaving very badly.
They constantly rant about things which were either made up, or blown out of proportion by media, and their memories are obviously quite short.
When the activities of president Clinton came to light, and he faced both persecution and impeachment, voices raised to the heavens, “He is a great president. What he does on his own time is none of our business.”
I swear, this Trump bashing reminds me of holding a rabbit skin in front of a bloodhound. It will take off, baying loudly, without knowing if any actual rabbits are around or not. It will simply become that excitable from a scent.
The media waves a Trump skin, and dems go bananas, baying and lathering, without any truth to follow.
My state voted Trump. The kids at my daughter’s high school are nearly all Trump haters.
It has been a rocky road around here for months.
I have seen the white house flip from party to party several times, but I have never seen foaming at the mouth like Hillary’s Hellraisers.
Man, for people who don’t want to be judged for their lifestyle, these hypocrites sure are judging Trump over their perception of his.
The link did not work for me, but I looked it up on youtube.
It is sad to see so many youth who live by media bias, rather than doing some research of events themselves.

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I think the one girl at the bottom left described it best. People who looked past all the hateful rhetoric didn’t think at all about all the people he aimed his hate at. They didn’t consider it because it wasn’t aimed at them.

If a Minority person or even a white person would’ve said the same thing about white people being killers and criminals that need to be purged out, but kept everything else the same (repealing Obama care, working with Russia, bring jobs back, and tax breaks for the rich and building a wall) I wonder if they would’ve voted for this person. More than likely not.

As for your question, I don’t think either is hateful. Fearful yes. Fearful of the country we have become. Fear is hate’s propaganda tool. I think everyone is very capable of hate.

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