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What does breast milk taste like?

Asked by cage (3123points) August 7th, 2008

…just watching that friends episode (not a fettish-ist or something)

anyone know? mums?

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Sweetened milk. (fetish)

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Can a woman always produce breastmilk? or is it done when the use is done?

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Women lactate after giving birth (most successfully and a few w. some difficulties) If she continues to nurse regularly, she may be able to keep it up for several years.

A wet-nurse used to get a fairly decent wage for nursing other women’s babies.

Shilolo needs to tell us whether a woman’s body can keep lactating for a long time.

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Can’t remember

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Good with Oreos.

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@Gail. Yes, you can continue to nurse almost indefinitely, assuming there is continued nipple stimulation and release of milk.

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I actually just had this come up in a story that a guy at work was telling me. He said it’s a mix between sweat, cottage cheese and vomit. His words, not mine.

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(And you felt compelled to share.) Babies seem to like it. I loved nursing..a most amazing experience.

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Apparently men can lactate as well… I forget the video that was linked from somewhere here.

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@Andrew. That’s false, except for very rare circumstances typically associated with pituitary tumors that produce prolactin. But, since you asked for the link, here you go.

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@Randy: That’s what synthetic formula tastes like. Breastmilk tastes like warm milk with honey.

Breastmilk production is supply and demand… as long as the milk is being expressed from the breast, the body will make more.

La Leche League International is an excellent resource for breastfeeding information:

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Haven’t some adopted mothers been able to nurse even if they haven’t given birth?

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Yes, it is possible; they have to take hormone supplements to stimulate breast production prior to starting nursing. There should be information at that website I’ve linked to.

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@Heart; no link. Interesting idea.

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My initial response above Seesul’s question has the link to La Leche League’s home page, you can search for articles about nearly every topic relating to breastfeeding and infant toddler nutrition and care.

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The La Leche League is good at supporting women who need advice about breastfeeding, but be wary of their (very strong) propaganda. Little of their “evidence for the benefits of breastfeeding” is founded in science, and much of what is stated there is just plain false.

Just so people don’t get the wrong idea, I am not against breast feeding. On the contrary, I think it is great. I just worry that the La Leche League makes it seem like some sort of panacea, and that women who can’t or don’t want to breast feed are pariahs.

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@shilolo: In my experience with my local La Leche groups in New Jersey, no one was treated as a pariah… one of the leaders had a 4-year-old that wouldn’t give up the pacifier! Granted, this was 17 years ago; but I can only imagine that on the local level things are that relaxed still, if not even more so.

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There is still a hard-line hard-core part of La Leche. We have a branch here and I have recently seen a 4-year old girl nursing in public while her mother was trying to hang an art show. I was there to help and was fascinated. Not sure how I feel about it. The members certainly have a messianic attitude about nursing.

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