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Could I be pregnant and could you become infertile after an abortion?

Asked by shoebox (517points) August 27th, 2010

2–3 weeks ago my fiance and I have been very sexually active… I’m 19 and he’s 20 and i’m thinking I could be pregnant…. my period is due in a few days…. possibly in 3 days time…My symptoms are slight cramping sometimes…. so tired that I sleep so much or I feel tired during the day, as much as I would not like to share this following information… I’m constipated every few days, I feel nausea, VERY picky with what I want to eat… recently I’ve had sushi for the past week non stop… very hormonal too and dizzy…. my fiance is very over the moon about me being pregnant and keeps telling me he wishes we could have this baby… I wish so too… but we can’t have it so I’m going to have an abortion… we both thought, to have a child now would be unfair on all of us.. our families, us (We dont even have proper financial stability and we dont even have our own place to live yet and we are very young) but I’m very afraid because I have heard that you could become infertile after an abortion… is this a rare case or very likely to happen?

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Why not simply take a pregnancy test and see?

Regarding Infertility:
“There is a risk of becoming infertile after an abortion, arising from various complications. If you have had a first trimester abortion (in the first 13 weeks) this is done by vacuum suction which can cause perforation of the womb. This is when the womb ruptures and causes internal bleeding. It is life threatening and the surgeon would be required to do additional surgery to repair the damage. Sometimes after this has occurred, the damage to the womb prevents another embryo from attaching. Rupture happens in about 1% of cases, so if 100 women had an abortion, one of them would have this problem.”

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@marinelife I was thinking I would after my period was suppose to be due… only to get a more likely reading, and going to the doctors next week

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Aww, baby trolls are cute!

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@marinelife thank you for the comment on the risk of having an abortion, helps alot :)

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Here’s how you can tell:

1) Go outside and throw a rock to the east.

2) If the rock comes back like a boomerang, than you’re a witch and we’re going to have to burn you at the stake. Not because we hate you but because we want to protect ourselves.

3) If the rock doesn’t come back, then pick it up and cover it with moss.

4) After the moss is on there, place it under your pillow for 6 nights.

5) If the moss dies, then you’re not pregnant. If it lives, then you are. If the moss turns orange, then the results are inclusive and you must begin at step one again.

Seriously, look, if you think you might at all be pregnant, then go get checked out. It’s not hard. People on the internet can’t tell you if your pregnant. Hell, most women can’t even tell when they get pregnant at first. As far as your abortion fears are concerned, you should talk them over with a doctor that does abortions. @marinelife‘s answer was good but the doctor who is going to perform your abortion can and will answer all your questions to help you decide what the best choice of action is for you, your boyfriend and your family.

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If you are concerned about infertility and other such things regarding abortions, there is the option of adopting the wee one out. The child would have a shot in life and you could always keep in contact w/the child later in life. I was 15 when I had my first child, she is a healthy 8 yr old now and beautiful. :)

My suggestion is to wait until you are at least 5 days late, take a test, and go from there. My once best friend had an abortion about 2–3 years ago and is now pregnant with no difficulties that I am aware of. It all depends on how careful they are when they do the abortion. Good luck with whatever your choice. :)

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Planned Parenthood claims the risk of infertility due to abortion is 1 in 100. I have the belief that they will provide unbiased advice on this subject. They do not pressure women into having abortions.

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OK, so a year and a half have passed. Were you pregnant?

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@Kayak8 Don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer. The OP hasn’t logged in since Sept. 12, ‘11.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Yeah, I get that. I just can’t leave things dangling. Fluther is like a soap opera and we never get to see next season’s episodes . . .

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@Pied_Pfeffer Do you think she isn’t logging in because she is too busy chasing a toddler around? I mean, that can be exhausting and could certainly stop someone from logging in to check up on things around here.

OMG, here is what I think happened:

She WAS pregnant. He dumped her after she told him, but based on her faith tradition, an abortion was out of the question. So, she has the baby and puts it up for adoption . . .

You can take over from here . . .

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OMG, it posted twice—maybe she had twins! That could certainly spice up the story . . .

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I noticed that both of us have followed this question all of this time without ever posting an initial response to the OP. Like you, I prefer to hear the ending of the story.

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