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Do aliens steal? (Details )

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16539points) January 21st, 2017

I originally was going to ask if they have locks, but why if nobody steals.

Hypothetically, would an alien race with similar technology, and intelligence steal?

Is stealing a natural part of evolution, or a necessary hurdle?

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I think that, if aliens are advanced as us, they don’t need to steal. We don’t need to steal either, after all. If they do steal, it would probably be out of necessity or kleptomania, just like us.
I may be looking at the whole thing from human’s perspective.

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The Ferengi would.

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Stealing implies that we do not own everything already.

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Some of the male gropers pinch on uranus

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Depends on how advanced they are. If there is no need to compete for resources they would not steal.

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(How many states have made weed legal?)

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Yes, they have stolen something really precious from all of us, our virginity! It’s done secretly and without our permission lol.

They don’t need our permission to copy what we have as human nor do they can be held responsible for their action thus the definition of stealing does not apply to them.

Of course, what we considered as ‘stealing’ is part evolution. In nature such thing is called obtaining the easiest available resoures from your environment.

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It isn’t stealing when a colonialist appropriates from a colony. That is basic Western law.

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Humans are not the only Earth species to steal.
Hyenas steal from a lion’s kill.
Cuttlefish steal sex. (can’t get a link to come up. Check youtube for cuttlefish pretends to be female)
Crows steal shiny objects.
Nests and burrows are frequently stolen by bunches of different culprits.

Given the widespread thievery perpetrated by numerous Earth creatures all up and down the food chain, I would not be at all surprised to find the behavior in other world creatures.

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^ @Patty_Melt . Yes. Lots of Earth creatures ‘steal.’ It does seem logical to assume other species on other planets would too. Otherwise we’d really be a pretty bad planet…

Resources have been addressed. But some people steal because of greed. Take Bernie Madeoff. He stole hundreds of millions, after stealing SO much. It’s not just a survival tactic…

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There is also a form of stealing when you don’t pay you debts. One such alien thief just took over the White House.

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Some do. Others don’t.

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