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What are signs of immaturity in an adult, in your opinion?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42446points) January 26th, 2017

As asked.

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Unwillingness to apologize or admit when they made a mistake.

Refusing to understand other people’s point of view or to cede their arguments.

Basically, never being wrong.

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Not taking responsibility for their actions.
Belittling others.
Has no idea how to handle financial decisions.
Takes others ideas and makes them their own.
Asks for advice but will never take it.
Always thinks they have the answer to everything.
Does not know how to respond to negative situations w/out getting mad.
Does not know how to show emotion from the heart to anyone.
Has no sympathy for anyone.
Life is all about them.

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Dependent on others, bucks responsibility, does not plan ahead, makes excuses for everything, external locus of control.

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Having a Jungle Book poster over their desk.

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LOL! ^^^^^ He’s the one who started this whole line of “immaturity” questions!

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Did anyone mention they blame other people instead of taking responsibility for their own actions?

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GA @Pachy. Unpaid debt.

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Relashionship drama.

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Also nagging and being spoiled and disorganized.

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Any one who believes in alternative facts.

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Wears Star Wars footie pajamas to bed

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They want anyone who doesn’t believe in their bogus being to suffer eternal torment.

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You wear Star Wars footie pajamas to bed, @Cruiser. So does @Rarebear.

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I do not. That’s crazy talk.

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I don’t wear anything but a smile to bed.

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LOL! TMI, @Cruiser!

You have a Jungle Book poster over your desk @Rarebear. Is it really that far of a stretch to assume you wear Jungle Book footie pyjamas to bed?

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You said Star Wars footie pajamas.

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I’m wearing a Star Trek t-shirt featuring Kirk, Spock, and McCoy that says, “Chicks dig the uniform”.

I think that’s a rather adolescent sentiment to be expressed by a septuagenarian.

Ah, sophomoric and seventy- the key to eternal youth! ;-D

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@Rarebear LOL! I gotcha!

I’m wearing a soft Dr. Suess hoody with a picture of the Cat in the Hat on it. Under that is embroidery that says, “And then he was gone with a tip of his hat.”

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Not understanding that many people have debt because life doesn’t always work the way we wish it would, especially when one becomes ill and racks up ungodly amounts of medical bills.

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Somethings ARE out of our control. But “many” people have debt becasue they live beyond their means.

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