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My SD card went through the washer...

Asked by spywacko (324points) August 7th, 2008

… about a month ago. It’s more than dry. I hooked it up to my computer and all the data is still good.

My concern is not the data on the card, but the risk of using it in my Nikon dSLR. Is there a risk of the card losing the new data or the camera not working because of the card?

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No. You’re crazy.

Actually, an SD card has zero moving electrical parts that I’m aware of, and therefore as long as it is dry when inserting it into the camera, it will function normally.

If you’re worried about some cartoonish science happening where inserting a wet SD card into your camera will cause it to spark up, shoot bolts of lightning out of the glass, cause the iris to open/close rapidly and having it all calmly subside with a simple puff of smoke: No, that won’t happen either.

If your SD card is faulty, for any reason, your camera will simply show that there’s “No SD Card Present”. Since your computer (which is far more sensitive to damaged data and would be the FIRST thing to protect over your freaking camera) registers the SD card as fine and in working (seek/write) order, then the camera won’t be too picky.

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Sweet. I assumed as much but wanted someone to justify my thought. I wasn’t worried about the computer freaking out, just the card reader (which is 20 bucks).

Unless you made that all up to fool me. o_O Do you work at Nikon?

Anyway, thanks for the response!

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Make sure it’s completely dry…inside too. Once power is applied to the card, it could create current where current shouldn’t be.

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@winblowz: (shortage)

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I’m well aware what a short is. But thanks anyway.

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I thought you meant that, but you couldn’t find the word. Sorry from my side. :)

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Only thing I can add to this, wipe the contacts with alcohol to get rid of any residue. Not a bad thing to do even if it hasn’t been wet. Other than that, your card is fine.

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If you’re sure the alcohol won’t damage any corrosion protective coating the contacts might have on them.

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How is alcohol going to damage the gold plating they put on those things? It scrapes off in the socket, anyway.

Good closeup of one.

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I washed my son’s iPod shuffle and, although it ceased functioning as a shuffle, he can still use it as a flash drive.

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