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Do you like smell the natural body odor or you prefare the smell of some fragance or perfume?

Asked by dulcecorazon (105points) August 7th, 2008

I love the smell of good perfume.

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I tend to like light smelling fragrances. When a gal walks by with a thick haze of designer smell dangling around them, it tends to be a turn off for me.

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Depends on the person and when I’m smelling them. I love the way my wife smells, au naturale, unless she’s been working outside, in the heat, for a long time. Get my drift…?

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So true, (that’s not me answering).

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I like a good, clean smell. I mostly use non-scented body products (soap & the like) and no perfume. Some very light perfumes are ok, but with most perfumes what I smell is alcohol.

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Depends on what country I’m in…

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I smell best with a mixture of the day and Old Spice…well I get a lot of compliments if I wear Aqua di Gio too.

But I prefer women not to wear heavy perfumes. I once gagged in a church because I sat next to an old lady with the worst perfume imaginable.

Women that smell like food are nice. Like apples. But they shouldn’t expect me to arrange them pleasantly on a plate before serving them.

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I think women should smell like peonies and men should smell like clean sheets.
Until they get their clothes off. Then they should both smell like flesh.

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i dont like it if people smells too much that could be parfum or a natural body smell…but i love a small smell…can i say that in this way? ok…umm…
not too much! but i love parfum or shampoo or something ^^

timothykinney: hehehe my father has a parfume with name old spice x3 it smells good

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It depends on how close to them I have to be and how strong their perfume or natural odor is….

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I hate heavy perfume.

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I like light perfumes. Ask my daughter to tell you about me and freesia. She will tell you it’s not quite as light and airy as I think it is! ha ha!!

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