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What do you think about the physicians honesty?

Asked by dulcecorazon (105points) August 7th, 2008

You can not trust them always, sometimes you need a second opinion, and this time I am asking for fluthers opinion

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which physician? about what? more details, please.

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estoy confundida, corazon, pero estoy de acuerdo, no podemos confiar en todo que dicen. no creo que estan mentirosos, pero estan humanos. Equivocan.

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Treat your physician like you treat any other person you first meet: like a stranger. You shouldn’t immediately trust someone just because they have a PhD and are trying to keep you healthy. Unless you don’t have a choice or word on the street is that he or she is awesome, then listen to your mother when it comes to stranger danger.

My dad just had triple bypass surgery today. The operation was originally scheduled for yesterday, but when the nurses found out that a certain surgeon (let’s call her Dr. Jane) would be performing the operation, they decided to let my mom know that Dr. Jane was definitely not as good as the other one (let’s call him Dr. Joe). To make things worse for Dr. Jane, my girlfriend’s grandma died after Dr. Jane operated on her. Sooo, as a no brainer decision, my mom requested Dr. Joe. Also, one of the nurses said that if she or one of her family members or one of her friends were to get an operation, she’d, without a second thought, place her life in Dr. Joe’s hands. on a side note, he’s doing great =)

Moral of the story is that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. And by basket, I mean doctor. And by eggs I mean any of your 9 lives… or however many people have

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No te confundas, algunos no te dicen la verdad porque quieren seguir cobrando al seguro, otros posiblemente se equivoquen pero eso no siempre. Lo que si recomiendo es analizar todo lo que te digan y luego sacas tu deduccion.
P.S jcs007, I am immortal:D

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I think they make a lot of money.

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Tienes verdad.

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Razon gomela, pero gracias.

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Yeah, you can’t trust those stinking doctors! Moneygrubbing leaches, every last one of them.

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@dulcecorazon: well then. I guess you can put all your eggs in one basket 0_o

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I trusted all physicians….until I met shilolo. Now I think all of them are just rotten scum bags. How dare they make money because they are treating sick people and curing their diseases? How rude.

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Por supuesto. Gracias. Siempre dime estas cosas. Estoy una estudiante.

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You get bad teachers, you get bad lawyers, bad police officers, dodgy shop keepers, unscrupulous journalists, what makes you think doctors are any different. Now nurses on the other hand…

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I think there are more good doctors out there than bad ones, and although you might take a physician’s words with a grain of salt, you’ve gone there asking for help and should heed the advice given because it’s very likely to be good advice. These people are where they are doing the job they’re doing because they’re interested in helping other people. The money-grubbing is usually among the administration anyway. Bureaucrats ruin all the fun.

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Shilolo helped fix my ears. It only cost me my virginity. Oh wait, that was my mechanic. Shilolo helped for free

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Well, you guys have all heard the old joke. “What do you call a guy who graduates at the bottom of his medical class? Doctor.” It may be trite, but it’s true. There are some doctors who are better than others, just as in any field.

Educate yourself on your diagnosis. Ask questions until you get answers. Get a second opinion. Be a proactive partner in your health care rather than a passive passenger.

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doctors try hard, but they make mistakes too. we depend on your input to make sure we are diagnosisng the right disease, and treating your disease in a way that you would want. we’ve got lots to do, and we many times mistakenly assume that a quiet patient is a happy patient, but later we find that a lot of patients shut up because we never made them aware they had any alternatives.

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Here is one thing to think about. What is the alternative? Be your own health care advocate. Do research on your condition and on your doctor. Prepare a list of questions. Follow all instructions—including medications.

Change doctors if you are uncomfortable with someone.

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If you aren’t happy with your doctor, by all means get a second opinion, but don’t judge all because of one. There are great doctors, mediocre doctors, and dishonest ones. Do a little homework when choosing a doctor. Ask someone you trust for a referral, then go online and check the credentials. There are plenty of websites which tell you alot about a physician. you can see the educational background, certifications, and even whether or not they have been sued for malpractice. You could also ask your insurance company for a referral. I find this site helpful.

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For anything major, a second opinion is always good. You always want to make sure there is no other alternative available to you.

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what about homeopathic treatment?

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Homeopathy = water, plain and simple. Caveat empor.

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what about herb treatment?

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@shilolo I thought it was alcohol and sugar pills

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Do you like placebos?

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Homeopathy is simply dilution of compounds until just their “atomic signature” is left. It might as well be a placebo. As for herbs, who the hell knows. They’ve never been rigorously tested, so there may be active chemicals in some herbs, but just mixing herb A, B, and C isn’t really effective.

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What about the ayahuasca from the Amazon rainforest?

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Is this some sort of game? What, exactly, are you getting at?

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