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Do you think Trump is shocked about how little power he actually has as president, compared to when he was a private citizen?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42452points) February 14th, 2017

As a private citizen with money, if he said, “Jump!” everyone around him said, “How high?” He just bought him self out of legal trouble.

As the president he can’t do that. He’s being blocked at every turn because the shit he’s doing is illegal, so he’s being stopped, and no amount of bribing can change that.

Do you think this is surprising to him?

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Yes, I do think it was a rude awakening.

I also think that all those who attain the office probably suffer from the same feelings to some degree.

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Rumor has that that is true. But at least those in the past who attained the position were well prepared to handle it. They were in politics most of their adult lives.

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I’m not convinced that he has figured this out. Probably, he just thinks he needs to create the correct set of conditions that will allow him to do whatever he wants. And he may be right. I’m sure he doesn’t think “checks and balances” apply to him.

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I’m shocked at how much power Trump has been given. Thank goodness for the courts and a free press or America would be in serious trouble. It isn’t over yet and Trump in my view remains a danger to democracy.

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My opinion is; he thinks has got the keys to the kingdom and he can run it any way he wants.

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He THOUGHT he had the keys to the kingdom. But he has another think coming now, doesn’t he!

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I’m not sure he sees it as different. He’s so accustomed to suing people, that getting jammed up in the courts, or letting lawyers handle things, is part of what he is used to I think. If he loses he just calls it “unfair.”

Although, it wouldn’t surprise me if he thought laws wouldn’t apply to him as president. Hard to know what that man thinks.

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