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Should some/all of Trump's power, as POTUS, be taken away until it is clear that he is not colluding with Russia? (DETAILS )

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16446points) March 25th, 2017

He’s basically dismantling many US government agencies , as fast as he can. Russia may have helped him become POTUS. Hypothetically. If Trump is/has committed impeachable offenses, how would all this be handled?

Should his power be frozen, until it’s proven that he’s not guilty of treason?

There are some VERY serious allegations , against Trump, that are flying… Some appear to be worth investigation, at least…

If he is found guilty of treason, what will happen to his policies?

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The policies he is enacting/wants to enact (killing scientific and medical research funding, destroying education, destroying environmental and consumer protection, rolling back women’s rights, installing corporate operatives in positions of power), are things that his neo nazi far right extremist supporters all want anyway.
That it is useful for Russia is just a fortunate circumstance to Putin, which is why the KGB guy helped the Orange on the throne.

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Probably yes, but there is no legal means to do so unless they do the impeachment route, and that’s not in any way a slam dunk outcome.

There’s the 25th amendment “president is unable to perform…” but that takes a vote of congressional leaders, making it a political thing, and that will never happen.

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Here’s the deal, if you start doing that without some substantial evidence, then that becomes the precedent. Anyone can fire up an investigation of the President or other members of government and then ask they be removed while that investigation continues. Most of those investigations last years.

Every president has to make hard choices and every single one has made mistakes. If we start removing people from the very top while those mistakes are investigated, we’ve slowed down our government even more, and that’s not really something I’m in favor of. I don’t know if we need it running a whole lot faster, but we definitely don’t need it a whole lot slower.

If there’s proof Trump is colluding with Russia, someone has it. There is no privacy any more, especially at that level. It will come out, but we can’t hamstring the government just this once because we disagree with the direction. That will become a tool that both sides use going forward, and we’ve already seen that lawmakers won’t hesitate to use any tricks whether for the common good or not.

said as someone who dislikes most of what’s being worked on right now

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Of course not. Not only is it not constitutional, but it’s just bad politics.

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No. There is already an established protocol for removing an elected official from office.

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I agree we shouldn’t take away all of Trump’s presidential powers—or even most of them—until the investigation is complete and a report shows conclusively that he has committed an impeachable offense—namely, collusion with Russia—(or, that it shows conclusively that he has not, and things proceed as usual). We’re supposed to operate on an “innocent until proven guilty” judicial system.

That said, I do think it’s fair to ask that the Supreme Court Judge nomination process slow down—it’s been on pause for a year already, which was determined to be just fine a year ago; and we have had even-numbered judges before, historically, without catastrophe; and it’s a lifetime appointment, so it’s something we want to get right; no reason to act like suddenly, now, it’s speed or ruin… I say this, in part, because the investigation currently underway isn’t groundless. It’s not just any random investigation taken up for partisan strategy. There’s enough information available to the public to warrant some amount of concern… Enough information, I think, to merit a slowing-down of this one particularly permanent, yet not especially time-sensitive, issue.

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You can’t get rid of a president, even if that president is Trump, without proof that he has done something wrong. Let the investigation take its course and then see where the chips may fall.

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Power should not be taken away, but an independent counselor should be appointed. Putting Republicans in charge of the investigation is not going to go anywhere.

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The Congress must impeach the President before his powers are rescinded.

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I think it is called being censured? Its a new word for me I’m not sure that I spelled it right.

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Censure is merely a formal expression of admonition or disapproval.

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You have to have “Due Process” to take away any of his powers.

Just hope he doesn’t start a war with North Korea, China or the Duchy of Grand Fenwick !

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@Tropical_Willy Duchy of Grand Fenwick ! GA!

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@Strauss I don’t think he would avoid starting a war with Peter Sellers.

It was not just me that thought he would start a war.


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That would assume that he was guilty of something, so, no. It is the American (and civilized) way to assume innocence until guilt is proven.

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All Trump’s power should be taken away for that and many other good reasons. It also should never have been given to him in the first place. He should have been laughed out of the Republican Party primaries. Most of the other candidates should have been rejected too. And many better people should have come forward and been eagerly accepted as presidential candidates instead, clearly being far more intelligent, wise and benevolent than the candidates the parties offered to us.

But no, our political establishment sucks rotten eggs laced with industrial toxic waste. Our media is corporate-bought and dumbed down to ground level. So we get insultingly horrible figurehead corporate pawns and a news media (and justice system, and population in general) that won’t call them out or hold them to account.

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No, all people are innocent until proven guilty under the US justice system. The charge of Russian collusion is false, so the people responsible should be prosecuted. It is outrageous for a president to be subjected to this at all, not to mention so long and stubbornly. Something is badly wrong with a nation in which such an outrage can occur. Law and order have collapsed and need to be restored. Denying a leader his full powers due to false allegations is barbaric. For Russian collusion, Hillaryy should be investigated, not trump.

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Trump has a long history of dealings with the Russians for his many golf courses and construction of builings, SO he has had dealings with the Russians (which he said never happened) “FAKE NEWS”, sez the prez

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“Law and order have collapsed?” Quite the opposite. Unless you’re referring to Trump obstructing justice…

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No one is denying Trump his full powers. The problem is that Trump, and most of his cheerleaders, don’t comprehend that there are limits to his powers.

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Exactly. Trump hasn’t a clue about the duties nor responsibilities of his office or for that matter the government itself.

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Law and order have collapsed when criminals are not prosecuted and false charges are brought against the president. Some mayors violate immigration laws by creating sanctuary cities. They must be arrested. More false charges against trump by a “Star Wars” fan who looks Muslim I see. Liberals deny Trump ever did anything positive. Their attitude is strongly biased and unrealistic. They mindlessly believe the Lunatic Left Lying Media. That destroys their thinking ability, as I see all too often.

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Hey Cute A$$ @SimpatichnayaZhopa, ” false charges are brought against the president”.

You have inside info like Trump is going to fire Mueller? So all the the investigation evidence will be turned over to Donnie to be shredded.

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Mueller should be arrested for trying to invent false charges. He is biased and ignores crimes of liberal politicians but makes false charges against to president. You are evidently a puppet of the Lunatic Left Lying Media. kak dela, dos vedanyah!

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I love how you keep throwing up “Star Wars fan” like it’s of any relevance to anything at all. Sure, I like the series. I also like The 400 Blows. I like a lot of films. What of it?

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Using a name from “Star Wars” is revealing. I hate “Star Wars” that is so juvenile. You do not call yourself “400 Blows”, but Blowhard might do. You called me a Russian troll once, and I flagged it. I have contempt for anyone who tells such horribly insulting lies and loves a juvenile movie series.

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It’s a humorous play on, yeah, Star Wars, but also on the character Garth Algar, from the Wayne’s World series of films/SNL skits from the early 1990s. That series was set in my hometown, Aurora, Illinois. Hence the humorous nod.

Regardless, it is of no relevance to anything. But do keep clutching at that straw.

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I was not born in the USa, so I have not seen many American movies. Some of my friends have some on DVD.

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