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Hi I just want to know if you can tell what I'm wearing underneath?

Asked by XiaoMandyX (128points) February 16th, 2017

I’m going on a date and want to see if this layer is noticeable at all…

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No. But you might get all hot and sweaty.

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@RedDeerGuy1 We are going for a walk outside, and it’s very cold so I should be fine. We are going to a pub afterwards so then I might get a bit toasty, but I’d rather be warm than cold!

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I couldn’t tell. For what it’s worth, you look classy/stylish.

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Ignore RDG. LOL. I can’t tell what you’re wearing underneath, but I can tell you that you have very nice legs.

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Those pants are very contour-adherent, so I don’t think they’ll be noticeable under looser-fitting pants or slacks.

This is probably an inconsequential point, but I don’t think the linked photos are of the OP.

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No, though having seen the other picture and looking at your legs, I think it might be possible to guess you have leggings on underneath the jeans. Though unless your date is fascinated by clothing details, I wouldn’t expect a date to notice or care.

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Ok, can’t really tell but I am going to guess a Halter Chemise somewhat along these lines.

Am I close?

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You look great. Have fun!

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Girl, you are WAY overthinking this. Go on your date and have fun. Sheesh.

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I think the sweater and jeans look fine.

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Dig those boots.

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Under the sweater or the blouse and the slack/leggings?

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I think you’re already hot. The outfit looks fine.

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Thanks @AshlynM and @Mariah ! I’m wearing the purple base layer under my clothes on the left so I wanted to know if you can see my purple under layer at all! I don’t want the guy to see, or I’ll be embarrassed lol…

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No, I can’t see any trace of purple.

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Its looking good.

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