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When was the last time you said "please pass the salt"?

Asked by flutherother (34625points) February 17th, 2017

I used to say this often when I was younger but now I never sprinkle salt on my food and I no longer even have a salt cellar.

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Only rarely, when we’re eating out. It’s usually “Please pass the pepper,” or ketchup. Usually not salt.

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As i just wrote in another thread:

I’ve had to cut down on sodium, and it has become really obvious that lots of “tasty” food is merely salty.

I’m learning to make things like chicken soup delicious without using salt. For that I put plenty of celery and onion in the stock, and just the right amount of oregano.

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I guess sometime in the 70’s.

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I would say when I was still living with my parents in the early 1970s.

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That’s a good question. Not because I don’t use salt – I love salt – I just do all the cooking.

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We have staff for that

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75% of the salt in our diets is from processed foods, not table salt.

I say pass the salt all the time, when I’m at someone else’s table.

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When I order my two eggs over easy I put a pinch of salt of them. And I’ll put extra salt on French fries.

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What @Seek said.
I eat a lot of salt, I can’t help it, I love it.

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i remember my English in-laws never cooking with salt so the first thing they did when eating anywhere was put salt and pepper on their food. I usually cook my own food and use salt to taste in the cooking. But like I others, I do like salt and will add it if needed to food and always on French fries, etc. Since my blood pressure is fine, I see no reason not to use it.

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I’m a big boy and a bachelor so I get my own salt. (And the doctor said that salt wasn’t a problem for me.)

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About an hour ago.

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Last week, the last time I ate in someone else’s home.

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I say it probably 10 times a year. When I cook the food is typically already salted, and I unfortunately eat more processed food than I care to admit, which is usually already high sodium, but still in occasion I need a salt shaker.

It happens once in a while at my MIL’s, although for the most part she cooks with plenty of salt. Once in a while at a restaurant. If my parents are visiting they need everything low salt for their BP concerns, so we cook low salt, and I add salt to my dish. I also sometimes add salt to my franchise fries at fast food. I purposely buy some things low sodium so I can add my table salt that has iodine.

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Never. Asians always season their food the right way, no additional seasonings will be made available along with the meal. To add more seasonings is to insult the cook that the food is not tasteful enough. You just have to deal with how the food taste like regardless how spoil your taste bud is.

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^^Maybe that’s why Asian food is so incredibly heavy in the sodium. Pretty much all chefs in America might find it a little insulting if someone needs to add a lot of salt or adds some sort of sauce that covers the dish altering it considerably, but Asian food is often to the hilt with salt. I like salty food, and I often think it is too salty when I buy Asian food. Especially, Chinese and Japanese.

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@flutherother It has been a long time since I have said pass the salt. More often it is the pepper I ask for. I watch sodium intake.

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