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Why don't we live in a constant state of fear?

Asked by SergeantQueen (10687points) February 20th, 2017

I mean, we could be killed at any moment at any time, unexpected or expected. We are vulnerable to being robbed when we walk down the street, we can be stabbed, shot, anything, at any moment. Despite all of this, we live our lives almost oblivious to the possibility of attacks and threats. We all get up every morning, get ready for school/work and head off, all without thinking deeply about the possibility of dying. Why do we do this? Why don’t we seem to be worried about all these possibilities?

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Because it would be goddamn exhausting.

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Because a constant state of fear when it isn’t warranted is paranoia, and can wind you up in the mental hospital.

It’s paralyzingly to be fearful all the time, it isn’t practical in every day life. It’s a huge strain on the mind and body.

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Because all that shit will happen whether we’re scared of it or not, so why be miserable over things that probably won’t happen anyway?

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Because i’m not fom Texas

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^ This one :D

But seriously, all those things you mentioned may happen. It doesn’t mean they will happen. So why upset over something if there isn’t a high chance it will happen?

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While I agree we should proceed with a degree of caution, but to live in a state of constant fear would be fucking exhausting and not really worth it.

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When we walk down the street and come to cross over we look both ways carefully to make sure we don’t get run over by a passing truck. It isn’t fear just a healthy awareness of the dangers of life.
Take a lesson from the birds in your neighbourhood. They don’t stop singing although life is much more precarious for them.

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One reason is that you wind up with anomalies such as Trump. You should fear it all: Mexicans, Muslims, all the easy ones first.

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A lot of people certainly seem to. It’s no way to live.

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Speak for yourself. I’m terrified going outside. Being 6 foot five, 260 lbs helps a bit, but In my town they rob you pharmacies with a dirty contaminated needle of Hep C.

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