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Are you alowed to fight the giant turkeys in the states? (details inside)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18608points) February 27th, 2017

I watched a clip of people being chased by giant wild turkeys and I was wondering if I would be allowed to fight them. I could buy some steel toed boots and rumble. Humor welcome.

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As far as I know, yes, you may, as long as you don’t break other laws such as disturbing the peace, and certainly as long as you’re defending yourself. I’ve never met a hostile wild turkey though. Geese yes. Ducks, when foolishly trying to picnic on the water. Turkeys, not yet. Though I may be karmically setting myself up. I am going to be around some packs of wild turkeys in the future. I hear there’s even a wild peacock in the gang. I’ve heard bad things about wild peacock behavior.

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Wild swans are pretty fierce too. They were dive bombing our boat once on a canal.

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We have “turkey season” in the US. A 12 gauge shotgun with a short barrel, and modified choke makes short work of them.

For the non turkey season, well in the south, anything that attacks you is in danger. Walking in the wrong person’s yard could get you killed. Turkeys are more likely to be on my table, than on my problem list.

Canadian Geese are much more problematic, as it is illegal to shoot them in most cases. And they are really aggressive. They’re like a pissed off snake with wings.

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Turkeys are a game bird, you can’t just kill them. You have to have a hunting license, can only kill them a certain way and in their specific season.

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It’s OK to protect yourself if they come after you but it is illegal to disturb wild game so you couldn’t go after them.
Just so you know, the best place to shoot a turkey is in the head.

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Animal control will deal with any wild animal that has become aggressive.
I’d say that the trick of making yourself as big as possible – opening your coat, etc. – would probably work with turkeys.
Something like a jump-rope – rope with a weight at the end – would probably serve well with turkeys. Getting it wrapped around their neck is sure to freak them out.

Even wild turkeys are as as dumb as they’re rumored. If they encounter glass, male turkeys will become excited, strut, and crap all over everything reacting to their reflection. Amusing unless you have to navigate the mindfield.

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Here is a chicken challenge gone wrong;

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