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What is the most important thing you have learned in life?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32719points) March 6th, 2017

And what more about learning that can you tell us?

The most important thing I have learned in my life is to love myself. I wasn’t lucky enough to grow up in a family that allowed me to love myself from the start. It was a very long and difficult road to travel to self-love. I gained it 2 years ago, and it has altered everything I know about life. Everything. I can now truly give myself to everything I do in the day. I invest my whole self in everything I do. That wasn’t possible before.

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Trust is the first step to a dagger in your back.

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I can’t prioritize the most important things I’ve learned. Today, what comes to mind is that the fear of death just gets in the way of living.

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Self loathing.
If I can hate myself for the things I have done, I freely accept that I am not entitled to good things, and I understand that I may not receive what many feel they are owed.
I also agree that all the good things I am given are undeserved, which deepens the appreciation.
It also helps my Christian beliefs, in that I don’t deserve Heaven, and yet my savior forgives me.

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^ was about to say the same, only slightly differently.

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That most things that others do are not in reaction to me.

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That it WON’T make me go blind.

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Hard times reveal your true friends.

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How damaging thoughtlessness can be.

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Don’t trust anyone especially a partner.

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I take it you mean a business partner?

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@flutherother ANY partner. My ex wife cheated on me and my biz partner stole from the company. @Hawaii_Jake I do agree with you about loving yourself first. Really good things begin to happen when you finally do.

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That, contrary to my prior expectations, I am a fantastic father

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That if you are bold then other people might think that they are at fault , and you can get away with stuff. Also food is a prority over stuff.

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Sorry to hear that @Cruiser

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Nothing lasts forever.

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Thanks @flutherother The truly weird part of the partner thing was just a few months prior the old owner of the company paid me a visit and sat down and said…“I have never given you advice…but trust no one”! He was the one who dictated that my ex partner be partners in the first place!

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That this too shall pass, but waiting for the passing can really suck.

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Not to allow myself to sweat the small stuff, and to accept things I cannot change.

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You want shit done, do it yourself.

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@Berserker: Also a good one.

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@Cruiser: Do you not trust your present wife?

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