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Would an iPhone 3G be worth it in my case?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1986points) August 8th, 2008

Next Monday I’m going to college in Pittsburgh. Right now I’m right outside of Philadelphia, so I have no idea of how to get through Pitt. I have the 2G iPhone, but I think the GPS would really help me. I say this because I will mostly be traveling by bus, and using just a map on my phone might get a bit too out of hand.

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Buy a good map. We lived without GPS for a long time. It can be done. 5$ and you are set.

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get a map, you’ll learn the routes and the town quickly. its much cheaper.
However I’m also a fan of determining a route by map and learning the place rather than a piece of technology telling me what to do.

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If you have the extra cash, love new products and need a few extra features get an iPhone. Though if you’re satisfied with your current iPhone and plan on using it for another year and don’t bind, buy a map.

With the iPhone 3G, you’ll be open to so many new applications such as good places around to eat and hang out, etc.

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My brother is going college in Pittsburgh on wensday also (but we live in texas so hes flying) sorry that was off topic

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If your eligible for an upgrade it would totally be worth it, driving through Pittsburgh recently I can tell you the coverage is great and I really relied on the GPS functionality. And supposedly with upcoming firmware updates Apple will introduce turn-by-turn directions. Should only be about an extra $10 or so a month.

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