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What food or dessert do you just "have to get" when you visit a theme park?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) August 8th, 2008

we’ll bring lunch to the amusement park because it costs $15—$20 to park, more than $100 for four to just “get in,” $60 for a full tank of gas and you could pay up to $7 for a beer. but i just gotta pay $9 for the waffles topped with ice cream and fudge. what is your weakness?

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Yes…those “funnel cakes” with ice cream, strawberries, syrup, powdered sugar, awesome!

Also, at Disneyland, we always make a pilgrimage to the ice cream shop and get their “Fantasia” ice cream-basically a mix of spumone and black cherry (although they have some “green” cherries in there too?!). Also their Monte Cristo sandwich in the Blue Bayou restaurant (inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride) is yummy.

Now off to the gym to purge myself of those evil fantasies!!!

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Churrrrrros (sin chocolate).

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the funnel cakes are to die for, i must agree.

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CHURROS!! seriously why do i only see these things at theme parks and they are always like 4 dollars. Yet i always get one because i never see them elsewhere its some conspiracy im sure.

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Water/soda/beer. It gets hot out there. I have to have it. =)

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Funnel Cake!!!

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funnel cake: i’m like, wow, i can make this at home, but it’s just something about it at six flags in gurnee/chicago.

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Nothing, it’s too expensive. We always would smuggle in our own grub.

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Firehouse 105, Main Street Cone Shop, Disneyland.

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I’d always have to get churrrros at Disneyland. When I go to The Santa cruz boardwalk I get ice cream and funnel cake…. Mmmmm.

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I love to nibble on funnel cakes too!

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Disneyland: The pineapple floats (pineapple juice and pineapple soft serve) in Adventure Land, and Mickey shaped soft pretzels.

Knott’s: Funnel cake and a boysenberry Icee

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@thehaight: churrrrros is fun to say! and when you say it, your mouth makes the perfect churrrrrrro-eating shape

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a big honking smoked turkey leg

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@knot: I love saying it while rolling my tongue, and when me and my sisters go to this Mexican restaraunt by my house we say “two chuRRROs! Please” and the guy always laughs at us.

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@uberbatman, there is a man on my corner who sells churros 3 for a dollar. You might wanna get in on that.

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Funnel cake and cotton candy!

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at Disney World, we have to get the Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispy Treats

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It used to be a Cinnabon cinnamon roll. Even though we can get those just about anywhere, theme parks were the only place I’d allow myself to indulge. Now my body revolts with wheat, which is so sad I can’t tell you.

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so it’s unanimous! funnel cakes across the board. just gotta have it!

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i used to love the fried bread dough with powdered sugar but i havent had it in YEARS.

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I have never had a funnel cake. Looks like I have to try it.

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@Bri L OMG WTF kind of deprived life have you been living!?!! Funnel cake is the shit. I suggest you go out and get one ASAP.

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This is one hell of a great assignment!

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Eating a funnel cake induces an orgasm of the mouth. Go to the nearest amusment park or boardwalk and buy one now!

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Churros, absolutely. Sadly I have to admit I like the packged processed crap they serve at amusement parks and swap meets more than the authentic Mexican ones sometimes. Maybe it’s because they lack cinnamon.

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By the way, nachos are my weakness. I could live off them.

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vote #2 for the turkey leg. As sinewy and tendon-laden as they are, I always feel like Fred Flintstone when I’m eatin’ one. “I’m the King of my castle!” Also, down here in the South, they make freshly fried pork skins. If you like pork skins from the store, you’d LOVE ‘em fresh!

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