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Is there a way to show only unread messages in Yahoo mail?

Asked by sfgal (283points) July 23rd, 2007

My yahoo email is telling me that I have one unread message. But I don't see any unread messages! I know that sometimes there is a delay and an unread message pops up days later or weeks later. I've scrolled back through 2 months of saved email and there are no new unread questions. Is there a way to display only unopened messages, so I can find it? I have over 10,000 messages in my account, so far all of them seem to be read except for this elusive one. I can't scroll through hundreds of pages of email to see if I can find the one subject line in bold that is unopened. Ideas?

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If you're using the old Yahoo Mail, click on your inbox. Right below Inbox, there's a little "view" button. Click "view unread messages." Voila.

For the new Yahoo Mail, click "view" at the top of the toolbar, and click "sort by unread."

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I've had this happen, too, sfgal. It's almost always a spam message where the sender faked the date header to a date in the past. Use ben's tip and be sure to mark it as spam!

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