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I need help with my yahoo email accounts?

Asked by tinyfaery (44115points) November 23rd, 2008

I have two yahoo email accounts. I have tried and tried to be able to read mail from both accounts in one mailbox, but I can’t make it happen. Help.

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When you say one mailbox, do you mean on the web, or you’re trying to download them via POP using a mail client?

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Wow. Too technical. I want to be able to view my mail from both accounts without having to log out of one account and into the other. In other words, I want to be able to see my email from both accounts, but only have to log in to one account. Damn. This seems hard to explain.

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What I’m trying to determine is whether you mean to do this online via web email (on, versus using a program like Outlook to download the messages for you. It sounds like you mean online?

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I’m going to assume you mean that you are looking at your email through your browser.

You could set up forwarding on one of the accounts. But you need mailplus to do it. Directions are here.

This will simply send all of the email that goes to one account to the other.

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Go to:

Options > Mail Options > Mail Addresses > Add. Name the address > Continue > enter your name and email address (other account that you want to forward) > Enter the POP information.

Now, that’s how you get other email into your Yahoo mailbox, but upon further investigation, it looks like you have to subscribe to Yahoo Mail Plus to do what you want to do. :\

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I have to pay? But they are both on yahoo. I have to pay to read it in my mac mail too, don’t I?

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I know it’s dumb, it really, really is. It’s just that Yahoo seems to regard mail forwarding and what you want to do as a premium service. They allow you to read your mail on the web for free, but forwarding is a Mail Plus feature.

By the way, Gmail is awesome.

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Thanks for the help. I lurved you.

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You’re very welcome.. sorry it wasn’t more fruitful. :)

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I just thought I would toss this out there. One thing you can do that would make it a little better is to use another browser when you check one of the accounts.

For example: If you have one account you check in Firefox and the other account you check with Safari or Opera or even IE. At least that way you don’t have to sign out and log back in when you switch accounts. You just need to open the other browser.

It is just a thought.

Edit :: This is even better if you use Firefox. This extension allows you to swap cookies so it is easier to switch between accounts.

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Yeah.. what JP said. That’s the easiest way to check both simultaneously.

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That seems like a pain in the ass as well. I’m looking for maximum convenience her people. :)

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