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What can I do if my yahoo email account has suddently stopped working?

Asked by occ (4176points) February 11th, 2007
I haven't received email in my Yahoo account for 3 days! People keep telling me they've sent me messages, and i have nothing there, not even any in my spam folder, which usually gets about 30 messages a day. I am no where near filling the storage quota for the account. Apparently Yahoo makes you pay $29.99 just to speak to a human being about your account, but I think that's so outrageous that I refuse to pay. Is there anything else I can do?? Has this happened to anyone else before?
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If you don't want to speak to someone about the account then the best thing to do would just be to make a new email address/account and just email all your friends telling them your new address.
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have you cleared out all of the old mail. perhaps your account is full.
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switch to gmail
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Yahoo will allow a report of a problem via an email to their customer service. The issue MAY be with your friends servers. Suddenlink has had issues sending mail to Yahoo accounts for some reason as yet undetermined. Others report bounces from Yahoo since they upgraded (their words not mine) the system a while back. Send yourself an email from another account and see if it bounces, is received or vanishes. If it bounces check the bounce message to see why it bounced then contact Yahoo's on line help giving them the data. If it vanishes let them know that as well understanding that emails aren't always instantaneously delivered. Yahoo help aren't terribly fast but they do respond.
I have a Gmail account as well and it has had its own hiccups. I certainly recommend having multiple accounts in the event of a systemic problem with Yahoo, G-Mail or anyone else's mail system.

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Use the help link on the mail page, and fill in all the blanks. It’s all automated, but there is a small chance it will help.

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