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How to reduce puffy eyes after a night of crying?

Asked by Dixon (638points) March 11th, 2017

I had a terrible night and cried for what seemed like hours. My vision is terribly blurry today because my eyelids are swollen and puffy. What can I do? I need to grocery shop and don’t want to face the public like this.

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Cool compresses, washcloth in the freezer, eye drops , sunglasses, obviously! haha

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It’s cloudy. Everyone will think I’m stoned or hungover. lol

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Or that you have allergies, my eyes are red and puffy a lot because of that.
Nobody is going to ask and if they do tell them you have allergies and then sniff a couple times. lol

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Cool, wet, teabags. Lie back, place them on your eyelids, relax about 10–15 minutes. Should help bring the swelling down.

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Agree with the above suggestions and the sunglasses suggestion. Nobody’s gonna question why you are wearing them. Pretend you’re a visiting celebrity if they do.

And hugs – for the crying.

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Big dark sunglasses.

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Thanks everyone. Thanks for the hug too.

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Please take care of yourself and just remember we are all in some kind of shit together!

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I’m sorry you’re having a rough time. If we can help, let us know. I use teabags or cucumber when my eyes are tired. It does work. The other thing you could do is get some washcloths/flannels (not sure what you call them), wet them, and put them in your freezer. I wrap one in a hand towel and put it over my eyes. This is great when it’s very hot or when I have a headache too. Just lie down. Close your eyes and put it over your eyes. Relax. Feel better @Dixon.

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Preparation H. It will reduce the puffiness and swelling

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