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Sometimes my Youtube comments don't appear in the comment section, how do I make them visible?

Asked by Catnip5 (197points) March 16th, 2017

On some videos, some of my comments would show up in the comment section while others don’t. Even if I were to respond to another poster.

For example, I responded to a top comment that did show up when I log out, I received a notification response from that person, went to reply back with a second response but that second response was apparently invisible to that person after I logged out. It made it seem like I never replied back.

How do I fix this in my settings and why does this keep happening? Is it a Google+ related issue? Apparently I’m not alone with this problem from what I’ve understood. Though I couldn’t really find any proper solution about it.

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Maybe you’re not logged into Google plus? I hate that Youtube forced us to get Google plus accounts.

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Sometimes refreshing the page you’re in can help as well. It can also be that you need to clear up more space on your computer. Cleaning it so that you have more space can help with more loading pages. I’m constantly cleaning my computer so it won’t get stuck on anything. This helps a lot.

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@NormaPadro As in cleaning out the computer for cookies?

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@AshlynM Same here.

I think I’m also get automatically logged into Google Plus at the same time, and vice versa when I log into G+? I’ not sure if this is more of an issue that I need to try to resolve with G+ instead?

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