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Can we remember Chuck Berry, the Father of Rock and Roll?

Asked by Strauss (20419points) March 18th, 2017

He died this morning, 3/18/2017 at age 90. Bob Seeger said it best: “All of Chuck’s children are out there playing his licks” in “Rock and Roll Never Forgets.”

Memories, comments, etc.


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I used to listen to his music a lot when I was younger.
Haven’t listened to him for a while now, but still, R.I.P Chuck Berry

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I saw him play in San Francisco the day he got out of prison. A true master of his craft!

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Wow..he was 90!? I might have guessed late 70’s or 80 but not 90. R.I.P. Chuck, you were the cornerstone of all modern rock-n-roll.

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Wow. I saw one of nephews just last night. A good friend. I wonder if he knows yet. I’ll miss old Chuck’s presence here on Earth. LOL. He was great. I hope he died comfortably around loved ones.

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When he toured in the seventies and later, his band would consist of local musicians from the local Union.

My brother was in living in Minneapolis in 1975. I was visiting when he got the call. Imagine being a rock musician, playing all the songs you had known since you started playing, on stage with the guy that wrote them!

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A sad goodbye to the father of rock guitar.

I’d say his style was the primary force that influenced Keith Richards and other rock guitarists, such as Johnny Winter. I can see Chuck and Johnny playing rhythm and lead in some celestial band.

Hopefully I’ll get to hear or read tributes from Richards and maybe Little Richard, the father of rock & roll.

Did Berry and Penniman ever jam together?

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RIP Chuck Berry.. Truly a legend!! @Strauss – Just to update we are already in 2017 (it can happen with anyone in initial period of year). Writing this so that anyone going through this thread after 5–10 yrs down the line should not be confused.

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@Strauss When I saw him in the early 80’s, he had a local band play with him. Halfway through the set, he fired the piano player (as he was known to do). The pianist finished the show, but I am sure he didn’t get paid.

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@filmfann Yeah, he fired the guitar player when I saw him. I think that might have been part of his “schtick”, because I heard other similar stories. The guitar guy (who I also knew through my brother) got paid for the full show.

@imrainmaker thanks for the correction

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^^ You’re welcome…)

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I’ve been watching the TV show, ‘Sun Records’ and hoping his music makes more of a presence soon. Wow. He sure did have a good innings.

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@imraimmaker The fluthergods allowed the edit!

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The world is a better place because of him. I love story telling, in songs. He was a pioneer, and a legend in music.

R.I.P. Chuck. Journey well brother….

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“Go, Johnny, Go!” Thank you. You have helped enrich my life, not only by your own music but by being an inspiration to so many later rock&roll performers!

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My wife and I saw Chuck perform at BB King’s in New York about 10 years ago. He still had “it”. He did a short set but he was still full of life, and yes, it was truly seeing a legend. I’m so glad that we went.

When he died this week we asked Alexa to “play Chuck Berry!!!”. Our grandkids, 2 year old twins, had a chance to get into dancing to Chuck Berry and they loved it. Surely he didn’t foresee that! He is timeless. One of the greats. Hard to pick a favorite song but Never Can Tell is surely near the top!

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