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What is the worst song you've ever heard?

Asked by answerjill (6170points) March 20th, 2017

Mine would be this one:
(Steven Tyler’s Red, White & You)

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Nick Cave’s lifeless cover of “In the Ghetto”.

Even my inner masochist recoils at the thought of going to the tube and entering his name.

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There are an awful lot of them (pun intended) but for me the worst of the worst is Seasons In The Sun.

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Timothy It’s about miners trapped in a mine and they eat one of the other miners. Ugh.

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Genuinely, it’s the US national anthem, absolutely terrible in every conceivable way.

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Achy breaky heart, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Utter dogshit, but I could have picked about any country song, she is the queen of my double wide trailer, she thinks my tractor is sexy….

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Disco Duck

I do love (NOT) the mullet hairdo on Rick Dees though

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In no particular order:

Wake Me up before you Go-Go – Wham
We Built this City – Starship
Escape – Rupert Holmes
Having my Baby – Paul Anka
My Humps – Black Eyed Peas

No, I take it back the absolute worst is:

Knocking on Heavens Door – Guns-n-Roses version

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Speaking of Guns N’ Roses, here are some of the lyrics to “One in a Million”:

“Police and niggers
That’s right
Get out of my way
Don’t need to buy none of your
Gold chains today
Now don’t need no bracelets
Clamped in front of my back

Immigrants and faggots
They make no sense to me
They come to our country
And think they’ll do as they please
Like start some mini Iran
Or spread some fucking disease
They talk so many God damn ways”

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Meghan Trainors “Dear future Husband”.
It’s got a catchy melody, but in the lyrics she comes across pretty superficial and demanding.
I cringe when I catch myself singing along with that song.

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It’s gotta be Jam up and Jelly Tight by Tommy Roe. What a miserable excuse for a song.

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Pink by Aerosmith. No way would that have made the radio if they hadn’t been who they were.

All the songs you guys are mentioning bring back memories. Jam Up and Jelly Tight, Timothy (♫ Timothy. Timothy. Oh god what have we dooooonnneeee!♪ ) Seasons in the Sun….

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Sinatra’s career repertoire comprises many of the best pop standards of the 20th century, but his cover of the awful song MacArthur isn’t one of ‘en!

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Ted Nugent – My Love Is Like A Tire Iron
Sorry, I can’t do a link.

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Everything that goes under turbo folk, especially the younger autotune rap wannabe wave, like this (NSFW):
[1] [2]
This is what kids here listen to.

Besides that, there’s some other candidates: [1] [2] [3] (I got terrified of this when I saw it the first time)

Also, most, if not all, anime opening/ending songs are painful to listen.

I do have a special love for the songs that are intentionally (or not) so horrible they turn hilariously good. I can make a whole playlist of those.

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I don’t even know how to answer this. I don’t tend to catalog the levels of horrible with regards to entertainment I don’t like.

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That milkshake rap is definitely up there.

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“Sorry, I can’t do a link”

In this thread, that’s a good thing.

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the first one.

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Here you go, Friday by Rebecca Black

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I was a fairly new driver in 1978. I was driving my moms Datsun, listening to the FM radio, thinking I was cool when the stupidest lyrics I had ever heard came on the radio. It was so stupid I went in and told my mom how stupid it was. I wondered how anyone could sing this song without being embarrassed and I wondered who decided it should be on the radio.
It became a hit and I still have to listen to it on XM Classic Vinyl.
You are a Magnet, and I am Steel.
I still think it’s stupid.

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Paul McCartney Wonderful Christmas Time

Great, now I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

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LFO- Summer Girls
Rush -Tom Sawyer
Kid Rock – Cowboy
Puddle of Mudd – She Fuckin’ Hates Me

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Obviously- Baby – Justin Bieber… LOL :)

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I think if I’m gonna trash Meghan Trainor’s song ” Dear future husband” I should at least give her credit for the song of her’s I like.
“Like I’m gonna lose you” is an amazing song. : )

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I’m sitting in a cafe/bar in Redneck Country, and the song “Convoy ” just came on the jukebox. Requesting that song should be considered a hate crime.

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I LOVE THAT SONG!!! Or maybe I just loved that era.

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^^ probably enjoyed The Streak too!

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Oh yeah! And I remember my crush streaking though H hall my Jr. year. Wrecked my biology class!

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