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What movie(s) come to mind if asked about the worst one you have ever seen, and why?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (28141points) May 20th, 2017

The SO and I have been working through several lists of the best films ever made. After running across a list or two of the worst ones, and watching a few, we’ve discovered a handful that are absolutely dire.

Have you seen a movie that you wish you never had? If so, what was it and what made it so bad?

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The Tree of Life with Brad Pitt. After 15 minues I turned it off. It seemed like something someone on LSD would enjoy. A lot of visuals that were other worldly. Just not something I like.

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Highlander II

What makes is so bad….everything.

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“By the Sea,” directed by Angelina Jolie Pitt (as she was credited in the film) and co-starring herself and Brad Pitt. The movie was pointless, visually harsh (despite a gorgeous setting), and rife with ugly themes.

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“Mondo Cane” when I was a teen. It was a “documentary” about freaks all over the world. Gave me nightmares for years. I walked out of “Dirty Harry” in college; too violent.

@chyna I couldn’t even stand the trailers for “The Tree of Life.”

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Birdemic: Shock and Terror is so bad in so many ways that it’s a spectacle of bad that keeps revealing new ways to be bad, and so was fairly interesting/fun to watch for that.

Snakes on a Train (by The Asylum) was so badly-made that I had to stop before I even got to a train.

Similarly, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies was so bad I couldn’t endure even the first part.

Note that I actually enjoyed such films as Mega Piranha and Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, so the above are really low, though I didn’t manage to get through them (except Birdemic).

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@zaku, Birdemic was one of the few that we watched. I walked out at some point. The SO was so mesmerised by how bad it is that he bought a copy of it. This movie, IMO, deserves a spot in the Top 5 worst movies ever made. What is even worse is that there is a Birdemic II.

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No ranking:
Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles
Dragon Ball Evolution
The Amazing Bulk
Iceman, starring Donnie Yen
Star Trek 2009
Star Trek Into Darkness
The Star Wars Prequels
Jack and Jill
Jurassic World
Man of Steel
Battlefield Earth
and many more.

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Neighbors. the 1981 version with Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. The only movie I have ever walked out of.

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Pooty – tang is the worst. Just watched the preview and it is so bad that it is good.

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Tree’s Lounge. It’s about a bunch of working class alkies, including all the over-the-top drama that comes with substance abusers, with a weak story line depicting and attempting to romanticise this low-life bullshit in a South Boston neighborhood. I hate substance abusers with a passion with all their drama, collateral damage, and their oblivious attitude toward their collateral damage, and constant, relentless, wimpy baming and denial. I will cut these scumbags slack if they are in recovery, but not much, and always at an arms length relationship at best. The last thing I want to sit and watch for over an hour is a pointless drama about that fuckball lifestyle complete with fucked up relationships, yelling, whining and crying.

The only good thing about it was Steve Buscemi. But even he spent the entire movie complaining that he couldn’t get laid—BECAUSE YOU’RE A FUCKING MISERABLE DRUNK, DUMBASS!

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I tried to walk out on The Ring. Such a stupid movie. I also strongly dislike The Notebook, but it’s not the worst.

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An astonishingly bad piece of crap called ‘Millennium’ (1989). It featured awful everything….dialogue, acting, story… name it. Still, all these years later, I’m glad we went.

You could instinctively sense the entire audience kind of squirming as this thing went along, then during a romantic moment, Kris Kristopherson slowly walks up to a bowl of fruit, picks up an apple….hesitates, then soulfully says to Cheryl Ladd…..“Do you want an apple….?”

A guy across the theater just lost it, laughing out loud, and kind of choking as he repeated the words…..“DO…..YOU…..WANT…......AN…....APPLE…..?”

That moment made the price of admission suddenly WAY worthwhile. I wish I’d found that guy after the movie and thanked him for rescuing the entire two hours for me.

I STILL laugh while remembering it…..28 years later…...

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First, let me say that I love bad movies almost as much as good movies. It’s those mid-range movies I find torturous.

The worst movies ever made:

Plan 9 From Outer Space
Glenn or Glenda
Robot Monster
Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
The Conqueror
Billy The Kid vs Dracula
Jessie James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter
Manos: The Hands Of Fate
The Incredible Two Headed Transplant
They Saved Hitler’s Brain
The Brain That Wouldn’t Die
The Thing With Two Heads

That said, the stupidest, most worthless piece of shit movie that is so bad that I simply can’t watch it, despite numerous attempts:
Smokey And The Bandit.

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Thanks all!

Has anyone seen Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas? <—- If not, there it is for you viewing pleasure. It has a 1.6 out of 10 rating on IMDb.

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I didn’t like The Martian with Leonardo DiCaprio. Hounds down the worst movie I’ve ever seen, and walked out of, was a Three Stooges movie in the early sixties.

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Hey, I liked the martian

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DiCabrio was not in The Martian. That was Brat Pitt.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I had thought a lot of men would have liked it. @ragingloli I think we’re both wrong. It was not Pitt and it was not DiCaprio. It was Matt Damon.

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White people all look the same.

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@ragingloli Black men all look the same.

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Sexy Beast. I dragged a friend to see it because it starred Ben Kingsley. It was just awful.

I’m with ragingloli on Boyhood. But I loved the Star Trek movies.

Pulp Fiction. I know everybody loves this movie. I may be the one person who hated it.

Every movie with Tom Cruise save for Risky Business.

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The Kill. If you ask me what it’s about, I’ll answer honestly that “I don’t know”. The cover makes you think it’s an exploitation horror movie, and it does try to be one… for 15 minutes. Then it changes it mind and tries to be a film-noir with clever twists and ambiguous plot that competes with The Big Sleep. It tries so hard that it becomes a pathetic child trying to appear edgy.

I laughed all the way throughout the movie even though it was supposed to be emotional. It’s just so stupid you have to see it to believe it.

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Here’s the IMDb Bottom 100.

Here are some of the more delightfully ridiculous titles:

The Hottie & the Nottie- would it surprise you to discover the former is played by Paris Hilton?

Monster a-Go Go. Can you guess the decade in which this messterpiece sent moviegoers fleeing from their appetites?

Die Hard Dracula

Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace!

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. I think I watched about 2 minutes of this one on TV.

Santa with Muscles. I guessed that the Shakespearean talents of Reb Brown were recruited to portray such an emotionally nuanced character, but NO, they went with Hulk “Sir Lawrence” Hogan!

Breaking Wind

The Aztec Mummy Against the Humanoid Robot

The only other one on the list I watched is Laserblast. It seemed okay, but I watched it for a few minutes about 30 years ago, so I spared myself the amount of wasted time required to form a substantive opinion.

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I realized that except for the Star Trek movies, and Frozen, and Boyhood, I haven’t seen the movies on everybody’s lists.

I’m guessing that’s a good thing.

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I didn’t like “Boyhood” much either. It was ok enough and then it got really, really tedious for about the last hour.

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Mad Max. Boring.

Cujo. Disgusting.

Lord of the Rings. Boring.

Vacation. Too stupid.

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@Zaku @Pied_Pfeffer did you watch Birdemic on DVD, on the internet or on its debut day? If you watched it on the internet, you had missed the comedy gold that it could have brought to you.

Its director was and still is batshit crazy and delusional. On the debut day people watched it in the cinema and were so shocked at how bad it was that they laughed so hard. The man was there and he thought his audience was laughing because they understood his message! He was so convinced that he had created a masterpiece that he demanded people to call him the 21st century Alfred Hickcock. And that was why we have Birdemic II. On the DVD he included a commentary on the movie explaining his “message” and plot holes. It is as ridiculous as you imagine. The message appears to be a warning about global warming, but we all can see that it is just a cheap rip-off of Hickcock’s The Birds with preachy lessons.

I feel sorry for poor old Hickcock. The guy now only wants to pose like Hickcock with his bird when taking photo.

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I’ve always been a huge Superman fan but I think the latest film mashing up him and Batman, a character I don’t particularly like, was a super-awful mess, almost as bad as the final Christopher Reeve sequel with Richard Pryor.

Many movies others hate, I love. Two examples are “My Dinner With Andre” and “Childhood” (which I had to see several times to fully appreciate).

The why’s for both my likes and dislikes above are too personal to discuss here. Suffice it to say I like movies that in one or more ways resonate with my emotions or experience, and dislike ones that are badly written, casted, acted and/or directed.

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@Mimishu1995 We must have seen Birdemic THE FIRST TIME on something from the internet. THEN, the SO had to own it, so he bought the DVD. So, yes, between that and all of the reading up he did, we learned most of its history. He’s even watched Birdemic II.

@Pachy, Birdemic checks off all of the reasons to dislike a film: stupid story, a cast that can’t act, horiffically directed, and the added bonus of laughable special effects.

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@Pachy Do you mean “Boyhood” or is there another movie called “Childhood”?

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@Mimishu1995 I saw Birdemic on Netflix. I had heard about the director’s delusions of genius and appreciation, but I haven’t witnessed them. The director’s comments sound like they would merit a re-watch.

One of the other many horrible aspects of Birdemic is the ultra-sleazy/awful egotistical protagonists and the views of their dating life it shows.

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Eyes Wide Open sucked, too.

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Eyes Wide Shut was terrible, if you expected light porn. It’s exactly the exact opposite.
Kind of like The Lone Ranger is awful if you expected a western. It’s much better if you consider it asian frontier style.

I forgot to mention Future War, which incorporates kick boxing, cyborgs, dinosaurs, and drug addicted nuns.

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Hey, great band name…..The Drug-Addicted Nuns….

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Man of Steel. Because they made Superman to be a real idiot.

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The worst movies I’ve seen were Woody Allen and/or spoof movies such as Airplane. Well, actually I think Airplane is the only one of those I saw, but it cured me quickly.

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Flesh Gordon
Nude Nuns with Big Guns

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^^^ OOOH! Flesh Gordon! With the Penisaurus Erectus!

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Paris Texas. I don’t even remember why, but that is what came to mind instantly.

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Love Paris Texas as a film. The story of the Mom not so much.

Dutchess_III's avatar

I don’t even remember it.

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I couldn’t stand Airplane but I really liked Eyes Wide Shut. Although it and The Game scared me!

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I forgot to mention Anchorman as one of the worst movies I’ve watched. I couldn’t even get all the way through it.

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I will probably burn in hell for this but any movie with Jerry Lewis in it.

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As I understand it, rojo, Jerry always speaks very well of you…..

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I don’t care for Eddie Murphys rendition of Dr John and Mr Hyde. Much of his stuff is so juvenile.

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^^^ I agree. I hated “The Nutty Professor.” Flatulence jokes belong in the 3rd grade, not at my local movie theatre.

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I doubt any one will agree, but the worst movies I have seen are “The Graduate” and “Life of Pi.”
Not that these films are inherently bad, they just have nonsensical, ridiculous endings. View them some time and see if you agree.

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@NomoreY_A I agree with Life of Pi. The ending is just too stupid for a movie that is supposed to be about a tragedy. Really, “and they live happily ever after”?

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I couldn’t even finish the book (Life of Pi), there’s no way I was going to torture myself by trying to watch the film. Like @chyna, I hated the Tree of Life.

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Wow. I loved “The Life Of Pi”!

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Truth be told, I found 2001 A space odyssey to be quite dull.

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@ragingloli 2001 was a remarkable movie, before computer animation made scenes of space travel and weightlessness so easy. However, the political maneuvering and deception, coupled with questions of alien motives still make this magnificent, and it is certainly a benchmark in cinema.

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A well laid out argument, and I can see your point, howev-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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I know a lot of people who were bored watching 2001. I never saw it. I did see 2010 and I loved it.

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…...What are you doing, ragingDave….??

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2001 is only interesting when you are smoking weed.

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Two of the worst I have seen on DVD are “The Dark Knight” and “Fight Club”.. I think both movies were praised by critics. Well, I do not agree with critics. I think for myself, rather than allowing critics to tell me which movies to like and dislike.

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