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What are the craziest dental procedures you've had done?

Asked by girlofscience (7550points) August 8th, 2008

I’d say my most rare was my “crown lengthening” that I had to go to a periodontist for.

I’ve also had a root canal and my wisdom teeth removed, but they’re probably more common.

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This one is a bit off track, but a friend of mine won’t even have her teeth cleaned without being gassed. Insurance companies won’t cover it, but there are plenty of dentists that will do it!

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i didn’t even know they would knock you out for a cleaning. i usually close my eyes, but that’s mostly because that light is right in my damn face!

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Okay, that’s weird. I had a cavity and had it filled. Then it broke and I had a 3/4 gold crown put on it. Then I had to have a root canal done but the tooth was non-vital. (No blood, no nerves, nothing in there!) So then I had to have a full crown put on. When they did that, they used a dental dam and it permanently messed up my gums after that. And that’s the ONLY tooth I’ve ever had work done on!!!

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I routinely get dental work done without Novacaine or gas. Since the outside surfaces of our teeth have no “feeling”, there is no need to have it unless the work you’re having done goes deep into the tooth, where all the nerve endings are. The only risk of pain in these instances is if the drill (or other implement) were to slip and hit your gums. The worst thing I’ve had done without the drugs was something called “root scaling”, which is in fact painful, but I toughed it out for the most part, only requesting Novacaine for the super sensitive area right behind my top front teeth. As for weird…before I got braces at age 11, I had 8 teeth pulled (4 of them adult teeth), and had to wear an expander that “stretched” the roof of my mouth out, one tiny increment at a time. At 40 years old now, after having wisdom teeth removed, my mouth is still crowded!

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Gold fronts. I had a canine with a lightning bolt cut out of it. It looked more like Italy.

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Before I had my braces put on, I had to have the gum scraped off my incisor; the incisor never grew out, and it was stuck up in my gums. Once the gum was scraped away the dentist put a bracket on it, and eventually it was pulled down into the proper position.

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tiny, my son just went through the same procedure

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@harp Mass amounts of Nitrous made it bearable.

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a solid plastic filling to the back of two incisors. It’s inpregnated with fluoride. On the bright side the new dentist didn’t actually notice it was there so it must blend in with the teeth nicely.

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I had a tissue transplant to repair a receding gumline. The oral surgeon cut a square of tissue from the roof of my mouth and sewed it onto the gum over my tooth. The feel and sound of the suture pulling through the gum tissue was yucky.

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I had two teeth growing out from the inside of the roof of my mouth, they were pulled as well as two on the bottom, as well as wisdoms to make room for my teeth and it worked well. The wisdoms were one at a time with locals, swole up like a chipmunk the first time!!

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