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Pet owners. Do you sleep better, or worse, when your pet(s) sleep with you?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (14698points) March 22nd, 2017

Due to circumstance, I’ve been sleeping on a couch, with my pit bull. I used to sleep with her, at my feet, for years. Then didn’t for a while.

Anyways. I slept well with my dog. I forgot how much I liked her being there.

Some of my cats used to be a mixed blessing, in regards to sleep.

My main thing is, I don’t want my animals in my bed. That’s for me, and my girl (if I have one.)

My Mom loves to have her dog in the bed…

I like to sleep with my dog, on a couch. Just something I’m used to. It’s not comfortable, but I sleep better…

So. Clearly we all differ.

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I sleep kind of the same. For some reason, I feel safer when my dog is with me. He is also a pit bull and he sleeps almost on top of me every night. My bed can fit two people and I’m smushed against the wall because he likes to lay so close to me. When my brother takes him, I sleep just fine (Possible better because I have more room) but I have a slightly longer time falling asleep.

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My chihuahua freaks out when she can’t sleep next to me so…better.

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I always find it comforting when my two cats sleep in bed with me. I have a queen size bed, so there’s plenty of room. My little girl cat sleeps over in the one corner at the bottom of the bed (I don’t think she likes it when I toss and turn.) My little boy cat (her brother) likes to sleep snuggled right up against my legs, and that always relaxes me.

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I only have a cat now and it is a mixed blessing

While I enjoy the soft purring as she settles in, her habit of getting up several times a night and roaming then coming back is annoying. She wakes me up each time she does so. It also doesn’t help that the way off and onto the bed always seems to be over my head.

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My dog sleeps at the foot of the bed – in the bed. She doesn’t like to be touched when in bed – she’ll move away. The sofa is a different thing. When I’m on the sofa, she wants to be on top of me. My old male dog was the same – loved to snuggle on the sofa, wanted to be in the bed but at a distance.

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I refuse to be ousted from my bed by my cats. I’ll move them if they are in the way so they do not bother me while I sleep.

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And I now realize I didn’t answer the question. I sleep better when I know where my pets are – in or near my bed. If I can’t hear them breathing, I worry.

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We used to let our two schauzers sleep on the end of our bed. As they got bigger, they started to take over the bed. We woke up scrunched up and unable to stretch out our legs. So they were relegated to their own beds and when they didn’t like that, we put up a baby gate so they could see us, but not come in our room. It worked. Everyone got to sleep well. We did let them in for a cuddle in the morning. Now one of them has died, we let our remaining girl sleep on her bed next to ours. We don’t want her to be alone, but we also need to be able to sleep.

Our cat chooses where he sleeps. Sometimes on my head like a hat, sometimes between us, sometimes in another room. He’s his own boss and unless we lock him out, he is quite determined to be where he wants to be.

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Better. I love falling asleep to the sound of relaxed breathing and a furry shape cuddled up to my legs. My (very cuddly) Labrador likes to fall asleep next to me, but he moves to his own bed at some point during the night. Probably because he gets tired of me moving and talking in my sleep.

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Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE the canine child but I always get up paralyzed and annoyed from a diagonal position. But I am back for more torture! ;)

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Doesn’t make any difference to me.

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I like it when our cat sleeps with us but we’re perfectly fine without him.

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My two cats sleep with me in my queen size bed every night. It’s the pussy sandwich position. My giant, 17 lb. 3 foot long Ragdoll cat “Myles” takes the outer edge of the left side of the bed up by my head and my little tortie point Siamese “Mia” flops down on the right side of me next to my right hip. Getting out of bed to go to the bathroom is a chore, let me tell you. haha

I love them sleeping with me but, there are times when I roll them or slide them out of the way so I can sprawl a bit more. Here, in my avatar, is “Myles”, my friend is holding him, you can see it is true, I have a monster cat, I am not exagerating, here is proof! haha

<————Worlds largest pussy!

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Both of my border collies sleep on the floor at the foot of my bed. When they were pups, I let them sleep in the bed with me. There is no better way to bond with a dog. But once they start working outside, they must take their station at the foot of the bed. It takes a little sternness, a little whining and separation anxiety, but they get it after a few nights. It helps to have a smart older dog. They are adults once they start working.

Sometimes I get down with them and wrestle on the rug, but they know that the bed is for humans and special little puppies only. They are my best friends and early warning system when something is disturbing the animals in the barn.

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I don’t let our cat sleep on our bed because at around 5 am he claws my face to wake up and feed him.

Every once in a while the cat will sneak in and hide under the bed. Then at O-dark-early will claw my face. I still treat the cat kindly because he’s generally such a good cat.

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@gondwanalon Haha, well, get your ass out of bed and feed him you lazy good for nothing. ;-P
My cats sleep in as long as I do, the worst they do is swipe their atil across my face and I have to re-arrange them and move their fluffy butts away from my face.

O dark-early lol

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