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What will happen to James Comey now?

Asked by Yellowdog (12093points) March 22nd, 2017

Evidently the House Intelligence Committee has determined surveillance on the President Elect and Trump Tower has occured in November, December and January.

It appears that James Comey lied on March 18th when he said there has been “no evidence: of such surveillance.

With no evidence for this “collusion with the Russians” campaign, it seems that something far more sinister is going on.

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The entire OP is incorrect, or at least no evidence supports it.

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Where the hell did you get that news? Breitbart? National Enquirer? Comey and Congress have determined it was a total fabrication. You can have different opinions but facts are facts.

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Oh, people. So fuckin’ gullible. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Obviously, I laughed, but it’s a laugh of disdain not humor.

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@janbb Don’t forget the alternative facts. LOL.

I’m serious, yellowdog. Where are you getting your news from? Show me a link. You often seem to be living in an alternative universe. Are there many people where you live like yourself who believe the things you’ve stated as fact here on Fluther? I would like to know where that place is.

Even the most right-wing American cable news channel, One America News, says that up to now, it all appears to be either a fabrication, or a “misuse of words” on Trump’s tweets.

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Must be living near Trump Towers!!

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It’s kind of “sad” when Christians lie.

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“Make believe” from Kellyanne Conway for what it is worth!

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Uh, you are just plain wrong @Yellowdog. Where are you getting you “alternate facts” from?

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Devin Nunes has affirmed that he has received information that someone in the Obama information had ordered surveillance on Donald Trump and the Trump transition team. Furthermore, that this was NOT related to Russia. Information was gathered on members of the team, the president elect, and Trump’s family.

What is there to dispute? Why is there so much denial?

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Sorry—bad smartphone screen— meant to say, “someone in the Obama administration”

Even CNN has covered this but there seems to be some hang-up over the term “wiretapping”

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Actually, there’s no hang up. There’s a term “wire tapping” and it wasn’t done. You can say the moon is made of green cheese until you’re blue in the face but it doesn’t make it so. Also, saying Obama did it means Trump said Obama did it and he didn’t.

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Steady on @yellowdog. What Devin Nunes said was that there may have been incidental wiretapping of members of the Trump team. The US intelligence agencies regularly monitor foreign persons of interest and communications between them and members of the Trump team might be intercepted as a result. This is normal and legal and does NOT mean Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump tower. That would be something quite different.

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Comey said that the FBI has been investigating Trump and his team related to the Russian hacking since last summer. @Yellowdog , doesn’t that concern you. The president of the U. S. is being investigated for possible collusion with Russia. I can’t imagine that anything like that has ever happened before. It is also rather concerning that during the campaign the FBI released information about its investigation of Clinton’s emails, but said nothing about its investigation of the Trump team.

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Clearly there is more information needed to discern the facts on all of this. Democrats seem to be hanging thier hat on Comey’s statement that there is no evidence of wiretapping Trump Tower. Of course, this is the same Comey that stated there was no collection of data on millions of Americans, until he finally admitted there was. Maybe Democrats can continue to hang their hat on the technical definition of ‘wiretapping’. That seems to be the latest semantics game.

We have transcripts of conversations from Trump and his associates so someone has been tapped. Not only tapped but then released to the press, illegally I might add. You can continue to scream what you think are the facts but we don’t have them. I suspect it will take quite some time to unravel this web of lies before we really know what the facts are. I wouldn’t put too much stock on what Comey has been willing to say, since he’s misled us before.

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Do you have any links to misleading statements by Comey?

Comey is clearly biased in favor of Trump. His last minute re-opening of the Clinton email investigation was highly prejudicial. Why did he not talk about his investigation of Trump and his team, which is a far more serious matter than Clinton’s email.

Obama would have required judicial review of any wiretapping, and Comey would have known about it. If the courts permitted wiretapping, the more serious question would be what Trump did to warrant such permission. Besides which, what motivation would Obama have for wiretapping? Would Trump be picking on him if he were not black?

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Trump operates on the principle that if you throw up enough mud it will stick. Also, distract, distract, distract. He is a schoolyard bully.

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