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I'm new and I'm trying to figure out everything. Help?

Asked by Zachary_Mendes123 (1237points) March 22nd, 2017

I’m 18 and I’m only on this because askjelly is shutting down

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Welcome to Fluther.

We are a community of people who will answer questions you and others may pose. You can peruse some of the questions and see how people answer them to get a sense of style and the nature of responses.

We do ask that you treat people with a modicum of respect. No spam. And whole sentences with decent grammar.

Ask/answer away! And a “Good Question” tick to get you started!

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Welcome to Fluther. You’re starting out right by asking a question. You can ask 3 questions each day, and you can answer as many times as you want.

We are very particular about proper grammar and usage here. We do not allow text speak under any circumstances.

If a question of yours is sent to editing by the mods, they will tell you why and invite you to fix it so it can be returned to the page.

The point system is called lurve and is a little complicated, but in the long run, it’s meaningless. Anyway, if you like something, give it a vote.

Again, welcome!

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Welcome! Most important things have been mentioned by people above. I just want to add that unlike Askjelly, you can continue to discuss a topic after it has been answered, liked a forum. There is more sense of involvement here than on Askjelly. And you can even get to know people here too. If you like someone, you can go to their profile and hit “follow”

Also this place has few activities and we would like new people like you to help :D

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Welcome to Fluther. Feel free to wade right in and ask questions on all sorts of topics. Just try to use good grammar and no text speak (although the occasional Lol or OMG is OK).

If you ask a question that might not be suitable for all audiences, put the abbreviation for “Not Suitable For Work” (NSFW) right on your question. That’s just so folks won’t open that kind of thing while they are at work or with their kids. But you are permitted to ask questions on sensitive subjects. We are a fairly mature and compassionate bunch of people who are willing to listen to, and try to help with, all sorts of things.

We love to cook, and eat, and talk about food. I hope you do too.

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Hi @Zachary_Mendes123, good to have you here. Let us know if you have more questions.

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Hi. Welcome.
We jellies get passionate during some discussions.
You should not let that make you feel battered, or unwelcome. Diverse thinking is important, and I think that may be the single thing we could all agree with. However much we may disagree on various points, we respect the right to express ourselves.
Fluther can be very serious sometimes, but almost all of us have a humorous side, so you will see some threads which were written just for our amusement.
We are always glad for newbies, and even happier when they choose to stay, and frequent the site.
By the way, lurve does matter.
By lurve, you can sort of gauge how many others agree with what you said, or how relevent they find your question. Some say it doesn’t matter, but when lurve isn’t happening, they get tense.
When somebody hangs around long enough to reach 10,000 they get a lurve party, where they get lots of patting on the back, everybody lurves everybody else, and they become resident in a ficticious mansion. It is all good fun, and keeps momentum going when things seem sparse.
Again, welcome. Enjoy!

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Welcome. If you want to learn how to swim, you have to jump in the water…

Come on in.

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Welcome to Fluther! :)

Others have covered the main stuff. Here are some things you might not know yet, but you might find useful at some point:
– Look over the guidelines if you haven’t yet. They’re brief, but give you a lay of the land.
– OP = original post or original poster, depending on context.
– GA & GQ = great answer and great question, respectively
– After a while, when you notice your questions or answers getting “GQ” or “GA” but your lurve score not increasing, it’s because whoever clicked the Great Question or Great Answer button has already maxed out on the points they can award you (we can each award each person 100 points. The GQ/GA still shows up on the post itself.) Not a huge thing, just something that can seem odd when you first notice it.
– The topic buttons (see the red-orange-boxed “questions” in your OP) are nifty. Click on it and you’ll be taken to that topic’s “page”—and you can see all the things you can do from there. If you’re on the dekstop version of the site, you can also hover over the icon for quick options.
– There is a 10-minute editing window on answers. You can see the editing option as red-orange underlined text on the bottom of your post.
– The editing window for questions is either 10 or 30 minutes. I think it used to be 30 but for some reason I think it’s 10 now? Anyway, there’s an editing window for questions, too.
– Questions can get moved from “General” to “Social” (ask a mod if it’s necessary) but rarely will they go from “Social” to “General.”
– There is a timestamp for responses on the desktop version of the site. Hover your cursor near the bottom of a response (in line with the username, score, “Great Answer” option, etc.). Once you see the paragraph symbol pop up, hover over it and wait for a second or two—the date and timestamp should appear in a hover-over text box.
– Click on the paragraph symbol to get the permalink for that specific reply—copy the new URL from your browser’s address bar.
– Typing an @ before a user’s name makes it into a link that, when clicked, takes you back to their most recent comment on the thread (or, when it’s the OP’s username, back to the top of the thread.) If you’re on the desktop version of the site, typing an @ into the textbox will make a dropdown list appear which contains all the names of users who have previously commented.
– Fluther users are typically called jellies or sometimes Flutherites

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