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How many of you remember the "old" McDonald french fries?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46549points) October 26th, 2010

Speaking of emotions about food…those fries they used to make were incredible. They had a commercial, “Bet you can’t eat just one!” and it would show people sneaking fries of off other people’s trays….and that wasn’t that far out! Then, because of the health food craze that started in what….the 80’s? They changed the type of fat they were fried in. The ones they have now are insipid in comparison.

I really want a bumper sticker that says, “Bring back McDonald’s old fries!!!”

If you aren’t old enough to have remembered them, then you probably think this is a dumb question. If you ARE old enough to remember them, is it still a dumb question? Say no!

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Mmmm, yes, I remember! I think they should bring them back and the old KFC gravy, too.

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I remember them fondly. I believe that they used to fry them in beef fat. Even Julia Child was a fan until the change!

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I remember them too! I would love to have them back.

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Fries? Sure, I’d like ‘em back. But give me my fried apple pie and I’d be ecstatic.

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I had McDonald’s for the first time when I was 16 and for the second time when I was 22. How long ago did they change the fries? I might remember. Kind of.

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I can think of a billion things to get more excited about than McDonald’s french fries!

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I couldn’t agree more, that was one of the best things I remember about Mc’dees
Growing up, our parents would treat us to Mc Donalds on the way home if we were going to get in late and those fries were such a treat after a long road trip.

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Yup – they was good.

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@CaptainHarley you said “I can think of a billion things to get more excited about than McDonald’s french fries!” That’s because you weren’t there! They were unbelievably good. @CFi McDonalds was a reward for so many things. Coming back from the orthodontist, after they’d yanked all my teeth six ways from Sunday and they hurt so bad….McDonalds chocolate shake (cause I couldn’t chew) and fries (cause you didn’t need to chew them.)

If I create a bumper sticker will you People-In-The-Know buy one??!!

@janbb sniff. They were good. Sniff. And yes they was, wasn’t they! Bring ‘em back!!!

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I have no such memories of any difference what-so-ever. McDonald’s still has the best fries around.

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What was so different about them?
I presently prefer Steak n’ Shake fries, for reasons pertaining to crunchy deliciousness.

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I think they fried them in lard! They were the BEST EVER.

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Those were the greatest! This thread popped up under the AARP question. Is there a statue of limitations on answering?

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AARP? I’ve never heard of that tag for a quesition on Fluther!
I wish they’d bring them back. They could put some stupid warning on them….

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You mean the full beef fat, double grease, fried crispy little golden brown fries that were really BAD for you but Oh So Good?

Nope… I have no idea what you’re talking about.


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Yeah, exactly those @GabrielsLamb. sigh. Actually, I’ll bet that they were any worse for you than the ones they have now. IMO. I mean, really. Isn’t it a bit hypocritical to shun something that’s fried in beef fat as being unhealthy, then turn around and order a double Big Mac?

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Wow, the same fries that were cooked in beef tallow, heavily salted and extremely bad for you? LOVED THEM! When I was a teenager, we would go to Burger King for a burger and then swing by McD’s for the fries.

Those “things” that they’ve been calling french fries since the mid-80s or so are just not the same.

Can I please have some french fries now?

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Yes, the old fries that were hand cut at each McDonals and deep fried in peanut oil were way better than what they have today. This is probably one of the reasons that McDonalds doesn’t have the customer base it used to.

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Peanut oil? I thought it was lard.

When I worked at my first job at Sonic, they had this tub thing that you’d throw the potatoes it. It spun, and the sides were rough, and it peeled the potatoes. However, some of the skin would invariably be left on, and that was our “signature” fries.

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I do. I miss them. They where so good!

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