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If you were to date any celebrity who would it be?

Asked by dulcecorazon (105points) August 8th, 2008

I would date the Pope, instant access to heaven. :D

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Angelina Jolie! Yow!!!

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Uhhh theres alot of celebrities I can think of but the main 5 I would date are: Diego Luna, Emile Hirsch, Shia LeBeouf, Seth Rogen, or Jim Sturgress. They are all talented, funny, & crazy hot.

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Jessica Alba- pretty face plus stunning body. Real down-to-earth and I rarely hear any negative pubilicity regarding her. If she’s taken, I go with Keeley Hazell (if your wondering she’s a British glamour model). I’m attracted to the accent and she’s a D in my book (actually DD).

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The whole band?

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robert downey jr. hands down.
ok wait maybe natalie portman too.

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Perhaps Keira Knightly, she’s quite the woman, maybe Miss Venezuela.

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Right on needle! Why limit yourself?!!

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M.I.A = Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam. It’s not a ‘band’, it’s a person’s stage name.

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@loser, i’m sure they’d both be cool with it, haha.

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Javier Bardem, Mark Ruffalo, Benicio del Toro…sigh.

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You like Spaniards not bad ;) it’s like Spicy food. (Just don’t eat too much, Heartburn)

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I love David Thewlis the best. But I also have a huge crush on his girlfriend and I love them together so I wouldn’t want to break them up. Alas. I’ll just stick to being alone. :D

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I would date someone funny, like a comedian or something. Seth Rogan, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallon come to my mind. Also Pharell because I met him! And he’s quite handsome.

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Oh, I’d Date Olivia Hussey ( i looove her, seriously) if she was the same when she played in R+J in the 19..something, 70’s in think, does any anybody know.

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Zooey Deschanel would probably be my first choice. After that, I guess I’d probably say Scarlett Johanson.

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Johnny Depp. I’d say Scarlett, but she’s just too young for me. Maybe Mila Jovovich…hot, hot, very hot…

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Do you watch her movies?

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@tinyfaery , I knew I would have to fight someone over Johnnny Depp, but I thought it would be poof! ha ha!!

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i noticed no one mentioned Orlando Bloom

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That’s because he’s old news. I’m sick of him already.

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well can’t comment on that i’m a guy an i like female celebs. but it’s your opinion.

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Katherine Zeta-Jones. Sheryl Crow. Christina Applegate. Sure, Angelina. Except for Angie, I don’t think any of these gals are gay, but i bet I could turn them!

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Good luck in your endeavors.

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I’m not gay either, but you turn me on Sueanne_Tremendous!

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Hehehe! Glad to hear it, Scamp!

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winkin at cha!

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what happened?

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it would be me.

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OMG!!! Taylor lautner is soooooo hot! and so is..
Robert Pattison,
Shia Lebouf,

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I’d have to go with Christina Ricci because she’s just fucked up enough to make it fun and she’s easy on the eyes as well.

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Francois Sagat, (porn star/artist) total package.

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