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Is it wrong that my friends nipples don't get hard? ever?

Asked by HotAsIce911 (156points) August 8th, 2008

my friend says her nipples never EVER get hard in her entire life. and she isnt lying cause shes not dumb. Is something wrong with her? She’s 16

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I don’t think so. My roommates are always hard.

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What’s with you and nipples today?

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my friend and me dont know anything and were talking about nipples and got confused cause like.. i dont know the asnwer

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Sixteen is to young to worry about this. Probably she has not yet had sufficient sexual stimulation or been cold enough! Time enough to worry about hard nipples in five years or so. There is nothing wrong with her.

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@marina well, shes not a virgin. and we live in winnipeg and its freezing during the winters?

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She should just wait. The time will come.

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She may have inverted nipples…google or wiki it.

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my friend has inverted nipples. Its…...strange.

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Nipples. Just wanted to write that because it’s such a funny word.

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Nipples! Nipples! Nipples!

You’re right! It is a funny word!

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@sndfreQ and uber- Ahhhh, those are soooo gross! I’m actually cringing right now because they freak me out that bad. Ugh….

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@Randy: Breathe! Just breathe!!!

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Inverted? Ew.. Weird.

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i feel bad for anyone on fluther who has inverted nipples and have read your insensitive remarks.
although, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you are all allowed to have your own opinions.

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I thought about that after I posted and I’m sorry if I hurt someone feelings. They just really gross me out.

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you’re right aneedleinthehay- and I remember one of your remarks too… Way worse. About some girl that asked a question along the lines as “why do I always get hurt by guys”. You said something quite rude to her.

Oh- and I appologize to anyone that has inverted nipples that I’ve insulted. If it makes any of you feel better… One of my fingers is cricked and ugly from breaking it.

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I suppose that it would be possible to have some sort of nerve insensitivity or to somehow be missing the musculature that allows for the contraction of nipple tissue, but I’ve never heard of it.

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His nipples come out sometimes, like when a normal persons nipple would be hard, his would pop out. He said its really painful to the touch though like even his shirt rubbing on them hurts because they are never exposed so its super sensitive.

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