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Why do some users give opinions in the general section when the OP is asking for facts?

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My feeling about your question would be different if you had linked to a question of another user. But you linked to your question so I have my reason to suspect that this question has something to do with your personal feeling.

You seem to be thinking that those who answer what you want to hear are stating “fact” and those who don’t are giving “opinion”. I have read your thread and see no such thing as “opinion” in anyone’s response. Your wording in the details also seems to imply that you had some problem and you were asking for help. Some people misunderstood that you were asking for help and therefore gave you advice. You should at least change your wording so that people can understand that you don’t ask for help, or clarify in your response a bit more clearly.

You also seemed very harsh to the people who didn’t give the answers you wanted so angry that you posted this question. Even though they didn’t answer what you wanted, they were clearly trying to help. Instead of bashing about why they gave opinions or something, why don’t you at least appreciate that they cared enough to take their time to answer your questions?

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The responses you were given seem fair and informative to me. Did you want statistics for how many people have died from this condition? What exactly were you looking for? If you think responses in general are off-topic, you can flag them and if the moderators agree, they will remove them.

Your final questions in your original question can only be answered by a doctor and preferably one who knows your personal situation. This is a Q&A site, not a medical practice. One of the responses was from a Dr and another who responded has medical experience.

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I have twenty-three years as an RN behind me. My answers to you were well informed.

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@Espiritus_Corvus yeah, you were among the people who answered what the OP wanted. They are talking about those who didn’t.

My problem is that the OP doesn’t appreciate the help they received and is using this question to rant about them. This isn’t what you do when someone tries to help you.

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I appreciate your frustration, @Dixon, as I ask most of my Qs in General and very often posts happen that aren’t even relevant.
Truth be told, I also get off track posting in General sometimes…. :-(

Going a bit off the exact Q to try to be helpful is so common here as to go almost unnoticed by the responders.
(And now I have what might be a helpful hint that worked for me that doesn’t directly answer your Q…wanna hear it anyway?)

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Wow, @Dixon, I just read your response on the thread about the acid reflux and I’m surprised at your rude and curt response to some Jellies who were trying to help. Why not just take the advice and say “Thank you?”

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@dixon has left the building.

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Hopefully that’ll help alleviate @Dixon‘s acid reflux. ;-)

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Because if someone wanted just facts then would have been better of asking google.

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