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Do you think shoes can identify the personality of a person?

Asked by imhereforyou (4points) March 25th, 2017

Is this reality that shoes can matter this much now a days??

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Somewhat yes.

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To a point, yes, but not that much.

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Shoes that are flamboyant, expensive or perfectly polished might suggest things about a person’s personality, but that’s all.

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Shoes, or choice of footwear, can tell me a lot about a person.
I always look at someone’s feet, while evaluating them (amongst many other things.)

I mean in a practical sense. Not fashion sense.

Much like hands, feet are a big indicator of what type of life the person lives. Their stance, and gate are also important information.

Position of feet is also important to a person’s balance, or their balance in respect to yours. A person’s choice of footwear, maintenence of their footwear, choice of stance, and movement of feet, can tell me a lot about a person, and their potential intentions…

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I’m in trouble…. I wear my dirty Redwing boots when I am working outside. I wear the clean pair of Redwings when I am going out to the hardware or grocery store and might walk through snow. I wear slip-ons when it is warm and dry out – black if I’m wearing black jeans; brown if I am wearing blue jeans.
Zero fashion sense.

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Not necessarily, but they can be a clue like any piece of clothing. If someone has foot problems, or a back injury, they might be wearing “comfortable shoes” when they would rather be in 3 inch heals.

I don’t know if this stereotype still holds true, but Americans were kind of known for wearing sneakers, while Europeans and Latin Americans wore shoes, and sneakers were just for when participating in sports.

Some people really judge people by their shoes. If their scuffed or very old.

My shoes are very varied, and I tend to wear them to death.

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If it’s a guy and he uses his shoe for a phone, he’s an agent for CONTROL. His partner’s name is 99.

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I don’t have any clean, nice shoes right now. Several pairs of workboots, hiking shoes and sandals. All basically look worn out but are fine. If people judge me based on that they’ll think I’m a bum.

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No. I don’t care about shoes and clothes. Judging someone based on clothes or fashion sense is superficial even for my standards.

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To a extent sure.. because we all put are personality into our clothes at least most of us..

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Yes. Combat boots = Nazi.

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And if your feet are very hard to fit, there’s a tendency to wear the shoes that do fit completely out before you get a new pair.

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Yeah, i’m not sure on this, my opinion kind of flip-flops.

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Sometimes they can, but I generally don’t read too much into it. I do think the obsession some people have with shoes is just dumb and a waste of money.

I have a pair of decent sneakers, some dress shoes, some very nice dress shoes (I only wear them on special occasions), flip flops, and I always keep a pair or two of old sneakers for yard work and getting dirty. Maybe that says I’m practical, boring, simple, or maybe it shows that I’m smart enough to spend my time worrying about more important things.

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Maybe a bit, especially if the person takes the time to pick out their shoes and single out a certain style or type of shoe. I do not think this applies to everyone, as to some people it is just necessity, and they buy whatever works. Although in a way, that in itself may say a little about their personality.
I would not really rely on clothes and shoes to discern a personality though, as it is a very limited indication of such.

Furthermore, I would…wait… @ucme… flip flops…LOL every time you write something I just about piss myself hahaha.

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I just realized that wearing my shoes to death is an indicator of how I function. Like my huge big square TV in my living room that I haven’t gotten rid of because it still works. I can afford a new flat screen, and I’d prefer a new TV, but the old one still works, so I can’t see getting rid of it, and spending money on a new one. More related to personality I tend to be very loyal, and I guess I don’t discard things easily. People or things. I never judge people by their shoes.

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Well…if you wear Ruby Slippers your name is probably Dorothy and you have a little dog named Toto. lol

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If you buy ruby slippers, it means you’re one rich mutha.

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…or the Good Witch of the West.

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We sometimes issue ballet shoes to the housestaff if we feel they’re slacking a bit in their duties, yeah that’s right…we like to keep them on their toes.
@Berserker You taking the piss? :D

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No. “Personality” may have some input on taste in shoes, but the shoes don’t end up with enough information to reverse-engineer the personality.

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@Espiritus_Corvus That’s exactly why I’ve resisted a SmartPhone for so long; I’m holding out for Maxwell Smart’s shoephone!!!

How have you been, my friend? I haven’t seem you here in much too long.

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@Love_my_doggie Been busy with boat charters. It’s been Spring Break here and the Breakies are out to spend their parents into bankruptcy. I’m helping them do that.

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That guy. An hero.

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^ “An hero”? You sure?.

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It takes only a minute to change a pair of shoes.

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