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How do people become so cold, cruel and evil?

Asked by idream3r (434points) April 14th, 2017

I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed last night and came upon a post from one of my friends. The thumbnail was a naked man surrounded by armed men. The caption read “not for the weak hearted”. I don’t know what possessed me to click and watch, but I did. To put it short the group of men tortured and proceeded to chop up a rival hitman from a rival gang. What was going through my mind is how can people be so cruel and treat people like they are jus a piece of meat. I know the rival hitman is not innocent, however there are a lot of innocent people who suffer the same faith.

I’ve seen people kill or brutally hurt others over minor confrontations or nothing at all. Last year 2 poor teenage girls got beating to death with machetes and baseball bats by a gang for nothing. Just wrong place wrong time. Was enraged when I read the story. Sometimes I ask why God allows so much suffering in the world. I guess at the end of the day God gave us all free will. We can’t blame him for what others choose to do with it. Most of humanities problems in my opinion are caused by humans. We have enough food, land, and resources for us all. However do to greed and power many of us have lost ourselves.

I use to be afraid of death, but as time passes I getting use to the idea. We can’t live forever, but I wish we all can make the life of one another meaningful and for us all to live as long as possible. I took a break form the news because everyday is a group of people dying somewhere. A lot of human suffering don’t even make it on the news. What’s sad is that we call can bring not total world peace which is impossible in my opinion. But something close.

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Some people are simply cunts, and there is no need nor use to reason with them and ask why and how.

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To answer the topic question: It takes a lot of practice.

But I have a better question for you to ask, and for which seeking an answer – or several – won’t send you into a tailspin of looking for the worst in humanity (and in one’s own self):

How can I be better?
How can we be better?
How can I improve the world?

Look for questions whose answers might lead you to a better place: “Enabling Questions”. What you’re asking is a disabling question, which focuses your mind onto paths you obviously don’t want to walk. So… don’t face that way. Walk another way.

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A question that has been asked many places over the years. Because it is Easy to be Hard

How can people be so heartless
How can people be so cruel
Easy to be hard
Easy to be cold

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The Seven Deadly Sins, most notably, greed.

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I really understand your feelings. I hate clicking things that are sensitive, yet sometimes I do. I’m quite depressed at the moment and these things just seem to make it worse and also make me see the world in a horrible way. People can be cruel since many are born without the mechanism of empathy.

Other’s join groups of people like this because of various reasons. I wish there were newspapers or feeds with good news and kind hearted news, it does the soul good and restores one faith in humanity.

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We all come equipped with such diverse personalities and varying tolerances. But it’s both startling and uplifting considering the exigencies involved with living, that there still remains so much beauty and goodness in the world. Life can be so unfair, and it’s amazing that so many of us weather through it relatively intact. I’m convinced that to a frightening extent whether we flourish or are deformed through the experience is too often a matter of random chance.

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Some people are simply born to be the scum of the earth. And stop trying to let God off the hook. If he cared ( assuming he exists ) he would not allow his children to butcher one another because of “free will.”

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I think a lot of the time it’s people who have been mistreated or feel abused or have gone through multiple disappointments that they didn’t handle well. Mostly, I think it’s from being surrounded by people who also are cruel and evil.

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