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Is your refrigerator organized in any particular way?

Asked by jca (36046points) April 1st, 2017

I thought of this today as I was doing some cleaning and organizing of my refrigerator.

Is your refrigerator organized in any particular way?

I try to keep cheese together with other cheese, milks together (tall milks in the tall section, short containers like half and half in another shelf). Yogurt and things in little containers of the type yogurt is in are together in the fruit drawers. Jelly and stuff is in the door shelves. Other than that, it’s whatever fits where.

How about in your house?

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Not really. I try, but my husband does not comply.

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My fridge is sorted by size, so similar things get grouped because of similar containers. Salad dressings and marinades are all together on one shelf of the door. Tall bottle and cartons all on one shelf with headroom, so milk and beverages all together.

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The stuff that smells and is rotting is toward the back.

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Sort of. Like @zenvelo, group like sizes together. Mainly I try to keep it clear by throwing old food out. My ex used to get upset if he came home to a cleaned out fridge. He felt like there was no food in the house because it “looked empty.” Never mind that 70% of what had been in there was inedible.

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I actually do the opposite with heavy things. Jugs like milk and juice I separate, and put near the walls, so they are better supported. Otherwise, the shelf gets a bend in it.

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Yes and no. Some of the “organization” is dictated by how tall the item it.

My top shelf in this fridge has the most space for height, along with the bottom shelf in the door. So I keep two liters and milk cartons in those two spaces. I also keep a salad spinner on the top shelf. In a deli drawer I have deli meats and cheese, including cream cheese, and lox, hot dogs, and fully cooked sausage. Not that I always have all of those things, that’s just where they go when I have them in hand.

The condiments and salad dressing are mostly together in shelves on the door, but if one is somewhere else I don’t care. Things like pickles and olives are on shelves (not in the door) and it can be any shelf. Leftovers are on various different shelves also. Fruits and veggies are mostly together in a produce drawer, but if they don’t all fit they can be wherever.

My fridge is almost never packed tight, so it isn’t difficult to find things.

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I have lived with roommates for so long I keep stuff in paper bags in my fridge. So I have a sandwich bag, condiment bag, burrito bag, salad bag, and so on. Don’t touch my bags.

I do not share food with roommates.

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Yes, everything has a special place in the frig.

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Yeah – all the moldy rotten food is at the back of the shelves.

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Most perishable (meat, dairy, leftovers) on bottom shelf because it is coldest.

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Bottles like salad dressing, soy sauce, bbq sauce are on the door, but mostly it’s wherever I put things.

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