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Is mobileme worth signing up to?

Asked by kristianbrodie (153points) August 9th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m thinking about signing up to apple’s mobileme service, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it. Are there any passionate mm advocates out there who could persuade me to part with £59? Or has anyone had an experience that has put them off?

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The service is OK as webmail goes, my problem is why pay for it when you can get the same thing elsewhere for nothing. The syncing of calendars and bookmarks is a novelty but I can live without it and you can get push email from yahoo.

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Right – is the webmail any better than gmail?

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Not really, but if you have an iPhone then it has push capabilities.

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I would say no

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I’ve been a .Mac member for 2 years now and it’s paid off for me. I have a very nice email using my full name (or if I want) for business purposes. I also have 5 email aliases for free.

The way it pushes by email to my phone and contacts is great and very useful. If you want to use iWeb or iPhoto it’s great too.

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No. I do agree its convenient to get everything in one place. But there are free alternatives to almost every service inside mobile me. For example, you can use gmail to push email to your phone. You can use DropBox to replace iDisk and the best part about drop box is it even works on your phone through their website. So i have all 5gbs of data on my iphone via the browser

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Push email is a farce. If you’ve got a good IMAP provider (one that supports the IDLE command), you’ve pretty much for push email already.

I do think mobile me is good though. If you’ve got multiple computers which you use a lot, the ability to share address book and calendar easily can be a godsend. iDisk is also great, depending on how you use it.

It really depends what your going to use it for and how much time/effort/money you want to spend looking into and utilizing alternatives.

For your use, what’s making you want mobile me?

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