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How do you feel about the death of Bernie Mac?

Asked by wrestlemaniac (810points) August 9th, 2008

I knew something was not right when i looked out my window and it was dark, and cloudy to me the world seems like a darker place now, i grew up watching his comedies and movies it made me but now i’ll have to watch the reruns.

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Sad news indeed.

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thanks, for some reasons i feel like i lost someone close indeed.

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now i know why i feel that way, i met him when i was 3 years old, can’t believe i don’t remember that!!!!!!!

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Here is the obit. You met him? That’s pretty cool. How?

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I don’t remember but, oh my dad and i both went up to new york for a show, and he was there, my dad has the autographed picture of Mac and me. it was awesome.

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I’m shocked, sad, he was a very young person dying at 50 such a young age, very sad and I feel for his family as well.

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I sure they feel you, and I’m sure he’s up there looking down on us and still entertaining, god could use a few laughs what with all the problems in the world today, I’m sure he has enough up there in heaven.

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Bernie Mac is dead? Oh no. I thought his TV show was very funny.

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didn’t know him but any death is a loss in my opinion. Rest In Eternal Peace!

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and it still is funny.

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I am very sad at his passing but I am sure of one thing, wherever he is he is cracking jokes. OH, so sad. He will surely be missed, he was one of a kind.

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I’m not in tears, but I’m sad. He was pretty talented, in my opinion, and way too young to die.

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Let me hear an amen?

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RiP Bernie Mac. He was such a talented man.

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R.I.P indeed where ever you are you will always be in our hearts. :(

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